How To Start Peacock Farming Business In Nigeria (A Complete Business Guide)

Are you looking for how to start peacock farming business in Nigeria? Do you want to know anything about peacocks, peahens etc?
Here is a complete business guide on how to start peacock farming business in Nigeria or any other place. You will also find their current prices in this post.
Do you know a single Peacock is currently not sold for anything less than N180,000 in Nigeria? And the female, the Peahen is currently sold between N80,000 to N120,000. Does it also interest you to know that a pair of Peafowls i.e a Peacock and a Peahen together is not sold for anything less than N250,000?
Now imagine how much you stand to make from each sale if you start Peacock farming business in Nigeria. In this post you will find a complete guide on how to start this lucrative Peacock farming business in Nigeria or any other country – especially in Africa.
Peafowls are generally ornamental birds that are mostly known for their beautifully coloured feathers. The Peacock to be precise.
In fact according to San Diego Zoo, “The peacock has some of the brightest feathers and one of the most impressive courting displays of any bird in the world.”
In ancient Christianity in the Middle East, the Peacock was considered a very unique creature. It is said to be among the gifts King Solomon of the Bible received from Asia.
Till today in India, the Peacock is regarded as a sacred bird and is highly protected. The Hindus there consider the spots in Peacock’s train as the eyes of the gods.
In Europe, America, Australia, South Africa, Japan and so many other countries, the Peacock is kept in the Zoo for tourism purposes.
There is virtually no modern Zoo and Tourist Centre you would visit, without seeing this beautiful bird displaying its colourful feathers. Including Nigeria and other African nations.
In international markets, a single feather of a Peacock is sold between $2 to $7. In Nigerian currency, that is about N712 to N2492 as of the time of this writing.
Now, it has also been known that the Peacock drops about 200 feathers from its body every year. Multiply that 200 feathers by $7 and you will see how much a Peacock farmer stands to make from just selling the feathers of one Peacock in a year. Think of how much more he will make if he has up to 5 or 10 of them.
The shocking part is the Peafowls live a very long life. They have a life span of about 20 to 30 years.
That means you can keep making money from a Peacock for close to 30 years! That, is a real investment.
Should I also tell you about the meat? Though very rare to come by, the Peacock meat has been known to be highly nutritious to the body. The scarcity is the reason the meat is very costly.
Apart from the meat, the eggs are also very important and are used in the making of several products for human consumption all over the world.
These are just few reasons why the Peacock farming business in Nigeria is a very lucrative venture and a wise idea for anyone to go into it.
Another reason this business is worth investing is the fact that there are very few people that are currently doing it in Nigeria so the competition is not that high for yet.
Anyone can take advantage of the business opportunities that is still open in Peacock farming and make real money for himself. Let me show you how to do that below.

Things You Need To Put In Place If You Are Serious About Starting Peacock Farming Business

1. Have A Business Plan

This should contain your goals for the business (what you hope to achieve from it and when), capital at hand, how you hope to raise funds, your method of operation, location etc.

2. The Specie Of The Peacocks

There are two major species of Peafowls (Peacocks and Peahens): The Indian Peafowl also known as Blue Peafowl and the Green Peafowl. You will find their images below.
The first image is the Indian or Blue Peafowl while the second image is the Green Peafowl.
How To Start Peacock Farming Business In Nigeria (A Complete Business Guide)

The Green Peacock below

The Indian Peafowl is the more popular type and recommended for any farmer to start with. This is the type that is easily found in the Zoos and Tourist centres.

3. The Parent Stock

Peafowls are very costly birds and will require a new farmer to start with a few and then with time he can expand his business.
Due to their price, it is often best for new farmers to buy the parent stock as chicks and then watch them grow to maturity.
Currently in Nigeria, you can get a pair of Peachicks between N8,000 to N20,000. That is a good price considering the fact that in 3 years time, you will start making so much money from those two.
Peafowls have a life span of 20 to 30 years so you don’t need to worry about how long they will live even nurse the fear they that other animals may prey on them.
They are very powerful creatures and can actually protect themselves from certain predators such as snakes.

4. The Feeding

Peafowls are omnivorous in nature and is usually not a pain on the owner’s neck when it comes to feeding. They can eat anything from small plants to fruits, insects and even reptiles like snakes.
They can be allowed to roam around a fenced area and search for food themselves. The younger ones are usually taken care of by the Peahen without the contribution of the Peacock.
Peafowls can also be given specially prepared feeds but this depends on the capital at hand.

5. Selling

Peafowls can be sold at any moment from 2 months old when they are already able to protected themselves from harm. However, it is best to wait till they are more matured so as to make money profits from their sales.
There are two major ways to sell Peacocks in Nigeria or any other place.
The first is to sell them Online through stores like Jumia, Konga, etc.
The second is to sell them Offline through Open markets, Supermarkets, Shops etc.
Overall, Peacock farming business is a very lucrative business to do either in Nigeria or any other country.
The opportunities the business presents are limitless.
Thanks for sticking by!
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I will respond to them as soon as I can or other readers will.
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