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Who Is Leonard Stanley Nnamdi Ekeh?

Leonard Stanley Nnamdi Ekeh is a Nigerian Businessman. He is the Founder and Chairman of Zinox Group. He is also the Chairman of Konga.com

Leonard Stanley’s Biography

Leonard Stanley Nnamdi Ekeh also known as Leo Stan Ekeh was born on 22nd day of February, 1956 in Ubomiri Mbaitoli LGA, Imo State, Nigeria, to a middle class family.

His father was a nurse, and his mother, a dietitian. He has three brothers and two sisters.

His Early Life and Education

Leonard Ekeh attended Holy Ghost College, Owerri for his secondary education.

During his early years, he had a dream to own the biggest transport company in Nigeria.

He obtained his Bachelor Of science degree in economics from Punjab University, India.

Ekeh believes that studying in India was pivotal to his success. In his own words “ studying in India was a great turning point in my life because I found the economy of India a realistic economy”.

He later went to England and earned his Master Of Science (MSc) in Risk Management from the University of Nottingham.

Leonard Stanley’s Businesses

As an entrepreneur, Leo Stan Ekeh is known to have spearheaded the creation of the following companies: Technology Distribution Limited, Task Systems Limited, Zinox Technologies, Buyright Africa Dotcom Limited, Task Direct Limited, ITEC Solutions and many more.

Leo Stan Ekeh started Zinox Technologies Limited in 2001 to manufacture computers.

He ensured that at launch Zinox Computers already had the Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) certification, the first in sub-Saharan Africa, consolidated 5 years later with the attainment of the NIS ISO 2000: 9001 QMS Certification.

In October 2013, the company announced the production of its computer tablet line named Zipad.

In February 2018, Ekeh’s company Zinox acquired Konga.com from its owners buying 99% of the total company shares.

Furthermore, Leo Stan Ekeh has spearheaded the creation of a good number of companies including:

  • Zinox Technologies
  • Task Systems Limited
  • Task Direct Limited
  • Technology Distribution Limited
  • Buyright Africa Dotcom Limited
  • ITEC Solutions
  • Yudala (he merged Yudala with Konga in 2018)

Leonard Stanley’s Personal Life

Leonard Staley Nnamdi Ekeh is married to Chioma Ekeh. They got married in 1986, and they are blessed with five children: three boys, two girls.

Leonard Stanley’s Net worth

According to Research, Leo Stan’s net worth as at today is over $1 billion. Above all, he is one of the top tech CEOs in Nigeria according to Ventures Africa.

In Conclusion

Leonard Stanley is a recipient of numerous awards, both personal and company awards. His biography and net worth today is very inspiring.

Nigeria as a whole need Men like this in order to push this country forward. Men with business ideas and dreams. Men that can execute plans. Men that think “Outside the box”.

I hope you find this information useful, if yes, feel free to share with your family and friends.

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