Little Capital Business In Nigeria: Business Opportunities With Low Capital


If you are currently in Nigeria, you must have noticed that owning a Business is a really big deal these days. 

With the way our Economy works, owning a small business is a very important option. It is therefore important to know the Little Capital businesses available in Nigeria.

Little capital businesses in this article will refer to businesses you can do with less than 150,000 naira.

You would agree that the reason we start a Business is first of all to make profit. For a business to be profitable, you have to take into account its ability to solve  issues and to get people to pay for these solutions.

Business Opportunities With Low Capital

Here are a few good Businesses you can do with a Little Capital in Nigeria.


Everybody needs to eat right? The demand for food products around the country will always be high and the chances of an excess of Supply as it stands is between slim to none. There’s a lot of buzz about creating more production channels for food and you don’t even need to break the bank to get yourself a Farm. You can start out small, right in your backyard producing a few Food products, and getting people around to buy. You could start out with simple things like Okra, Ugwu, Water Leaf, Corn, Plantains and even Yam, the King of Food.


If you’re a good writer, then you should definitely be making use of your skill. Starting a blog is a great way to make money in Nigeria. The amazing thing about owning a blog is that it requires almost no capital. If you are ready to invest your time in Research, Collecting Information and then passing on the information in a relatable way, blogging is for you. You just need to have reliable access to the internet, a good device you could use, whether a phone or a Laptop and a bit of time. With time, you’ll be able to find creative ways to monetize your blog especially with advertisement slots.


Dropshipping has over time proven to be a super source of income that requires very little Capital. Dropshipping involves advertising products available with vendors, getting people interested in the products and then arranging to get the products to them with a bit of profit for yourself. In other words, you don’t have to stock the products. You act as a sort of Middleman between these vendors and your customers.


This online money-making venture is an amazing way to make money in Nigeria requiring little or no capital at all. In Affiliate Marketing, you act as an agent for companies or organizations, helping them to market and sell their products to people that require them. The great thing about this is that you can sell either digital or physical products. Affiliate Marketing is a Low Capital, High Income Skill.

Final Words

There are a lot of little capital businesses in Nigeria. You really just have to look around you and get working to make this money.

Searching online for business opportunities with low capital?

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