How To Open A Post Office Box And Private Mail Bag In Nigeria: Including The Cost (NIPOST)


Have you sought for how to open a post office box or a private mail bag in Nigeria before? Search no more, as this article will give you details on all you need to know. Read on.

What is the full meaning of NIPOST?

NIPOST stands for “Nigerian Postal Services.”

It is Nigeria’s carrier of all forms of mailing items within and outside the country. This set up deals with delivery of parcels, postcards, aerogrammes, letters, printed papers etc.

Types Of Mails

Here are the types of mails handled by NIPOST.

1. First class mail: This type of mail requires quicker and faster delivery than other types. It is usually an urgent type of mail and therefore, it commands extra charges other than the normal postal charges.

2. Second class mail: This is the normal type of mail delivered without haste. No other charges aside the normal postal fee.
3. Registered mail: This type of mail requires special handling due to its content. It also requires extra fee.
4. Business mail: This is basically mails for business purposes.

Post Office Box

The post office boxes are owned by the nation. They are placed in post offices and sub post offices where people can access them.

They are usually rented and within these period, the convenience and privacy of the content is exclusively for the rentee.

Cost of Opening a Post Office Box In Nigeria

The cost of registration and renewal of the post office box differ from location to location.

Also, the registration fee and the annual fee are paid together.

The registration fee is N1500, while the annual fee is N10,000 for a large box at the main branch. The annual fee for the small box is N3000 to N1000 at the main branch.

To register or open a post office box in Nigeria, log onto the website

Fill out the form and you will be issued a Reference. With this reference number, you can easily track your mails.

You will also receive a text message about the approval status of your transactions.

Payment is usually done at the Post Office.

Private Mail Bag

The private mail bag (PMB) is given on request through the postmaster who runs the post office within the region.

It is mostly operated by institutions who receive mail frequently and in bulk on a daily basis. It is also faster than the post man’s delivery time.

Cost of Opening a PMB

The cost for installation of a new PMB is N6000 while the annual renewal varies with zones. It ranges from N5000 to N2000.

You are to get and fill the application form from a Post Office closest to you. That’s where you pay for the installation and renewal of the private mail bag too.

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In Conclusion

The Nigerian Postal Service NIPOST, is still very functional even with the presence of the electronic mailing system.

The institution handles parcels, letters sent from other countries into Nigeria and also send mails from Nigeria to other countries.

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