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Are you searching online for National Open University (NOUN) portal? You’ve come to the right place. Read on to see the official website url.

Increasingly popular in recent times is the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN). You either attended the institution, are currently attending, or looking to attend.

Okay, maybe that’s too much of a generalisation, but we definitely have met someone who attended, heard about it in a conversation, or probably seen the ad on a billboard, television, or a flier.
Point is, this is probably not your first time hearing about it.

If you are a student or an applicant, I am sure you have been searching for the official student portal seeing that there are a lot of web addresses and link claiming to be the NOUN portal.

This article was written just for you and trust me to bring you the genuine National Open University portal.

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National Open University of Nigeria

Let’s talk a little about NOUN.

An open university is a university with minimal or no entry requirements.

The university employs distance education and online education with open supported learning where students receive constant academic attention from tutors.

The National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) is currently the leading online and distance learning (ODL) institution in Africa providing a flexible and pocket-friendly education to all and sundry, including those who are not able to attend traditional university usually because of cost and performance that falls short of their entry requirements.

NOUN has a range of Bachelor and Postgraduate courses under a range of faculties including the recently added Centre of Excellence in migration and global studies.

Usually, people prefer the NOUN for its affordability and offer of education at your own pace. However, it requires self-discipline, time management, everyday study, and avid participation in all academic activities.

The application process requires a minimum of 5 o-level credits in subjects relevant to the chosen course of study and any additional requirements depend on the programme.

NOUN Student Portal

With the rise in internet fraud and its efficiency, one has to be careful about websites that require payments and personal details.

We must be observant and pay attention to the details of web addresses and how secure they are.

It appears the NOUN website has been cloned to deceive students and prospects into paying cash into unauthorized bank accounts.

Ibrahim Sheme, the director of media and publicity of the university, made a statement on behalf of the university warning people about the fake website.

He also said that the university is already taking legal and regulatory steps to find and punish the fraudsters.

Deception is quelled by the knowledge of what’s right and true.

The official website of the NOUN remains:

And the official student portal is:

Please take note of the above web addresses and avoid other websites out there for they are fake and fraudulent.

Anyone dealing with such websites is doing so at his/her own risk.

For more information, please visit the school’s website.

After reading this article, I hope you are no longer confused about the National Open University portal.

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