How To Start Cassava Farming Business In Nigeria


Cassava Farming in Nigeria

Are you thinking of starting your own cassava farming business in Nigeria? Then this article is for you.

Cassava plants are known for the following products; garri, fufu or akpu, bread, Abacha, as well as glucose, animal feed, and fertilizer.

These byproducts of cassava are largely consumed by a wide range of people in Nigeria. These foods are consumed everyday, it’s no doubt that starting the business will yield profit irrespective of the competition in the market.

Starting a cassava farming requires hard work to yield a good result. The following steps below will help you start your cassava farming successfully.

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Steps Involved In Starting a Cassava Farming Business In Nigeria

Business Plan

As much as it is farming, you still need to draw out a plan for this business.  

You may be wondering why? 

This is because without planning you may never be able to achieve much with what you intend to do. 

Planning helps you make the right decisions for at every step all the way and restrict you from making mistakes. 

For cassava farming you will need to plan on the site location or land where you will plant your cassava stems. 

The size of the land should be considered too depending on what you want to achieve. 

You will also need to plan for manures to use and how to get them. You will also need to take note of the type of cassava stem to plant. And also farming equipments to use. 

All these are what you need to include and take note in your business plan. 

Effective business plan is equal to effective result. 

Incase you don’t know how to construct your business plan, you can meet some persons who specializes in constructing business plans. But with these clues you have here, you really don’t need a business planner for this. 

Land location

You choice of land to use should be located in a very conducive area that will enhance the growth of your cassava plants. 

You will also have to choose a land that has high density of loamy soil. Adequate rainfall and sunshine should be able to feed up the plants. 

You may need to cut the tall trees that may be shielding the sun from getting to the plant properly. This is called mulching.

Preparing the Land/Farm

Once you get a suitable land to use the next thing to do is prepare the land. And how do you do this? 

Cut down every trees plant, tall or short, clear up all grasses. 

Gather up the whole waste and burn it in the farm.  This also serves as manure. Leave it for some days maybe like two to four days. 

This is to allow the manure get into the soil adequately. If there’s a rainfall before the fourth day. Then ridges should be made immediately. 

You don’t have to remove the burnt waste while making ridges. They are manure that will help the plant to grow well.

Cassava Stem

The next thing to do is to get enough cassava stem. The cassava stem should cover all the ridges. 

How to get cassava stem should be part of your plan. You can meet farmers who are good at planting cassava to help you with some stems. 

You don’t have to buy it in the market. Your stems should be placed inside each ridges that is one stem for one ridge.

Weeding and Pesticides

While the plants are growing don’t forget to weed the farm from time to time. We know that weeds do not encourage healthy growth of crops. The weeds also serve as manure. 

So after weeding, leave the plants on the soil. Ensure to weed your farm so that your crop can grow comfortably. 

You may also need to spray some pesticides on the farm against crop pest.


Depending on the type of cassava plant you planted, you plant should be ready for harvest after 6 months. 

While some exceed 6 months, like 1 year, or 2 years. It is important you know your cassava type. 

After the time duration of your plant, you will need to harvest the tubers from the soil. 

Harvesting cassava plant is not a difficult task to do, however you have to be careful not to injure the tubers inside the soil.


After harvesting your cassava, the end product you wish to out into market should also be in your business plan. 

You may decide to use all the tubers for garri, or for fufu or for both or other things depending on what you have planned. 

Whichever products you intend to achieve be rest assured that your efforts are not in vain


You will need to market your product. You can do this by telling your friends what you do, you can also tell some family members who will in turn tell their friends too. 

And before you know you already have to many Customer to meet up with.

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Cassava farming in Nigeria is one of the most lucrative agricultural businesses to do in the country as of this moment.

Do you intend starting up your own cassava farming business in Nigeria anytime soon? 

If yes, the information here will indeed be useful to you.

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