RiceGum's Net Worth (2022)

RiceGum’s Net Worth (2022)

Do you care to know about RiceGum’s net worth (2022)? You are on the right blog. Bryan Quang Le, better known online as RiceGum, is an American rapper and YouTuber who was born on November 19, 1996.

He is most known for his diss recordings and online disputes with other YouTube stars. More than 10 million people have subscribed to and viewed his videos on YouTube since he started doing so.

Le was ranked 25th on the Billboard Emerging Artists chart in November 2017. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) awarded his song “It’s Every Night Sis” platinum status in March 2018.

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Early Life

Chinese and Vietnamese parents gave birth to Le. He played basketball for Sierra Vista High School, where he was a student. Le studied at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), but left after his first year to focus exclusively on his online job.


Singing Career

Le responded to YouTuber Jake Paul’s hit song “It’s Everyday Bro” with the single “It’s Every Night Sis,” which she co-wrote with Alissa Violet and other YouTube stars. Le’s debut single entered the charts at positions 80 and 55 on the Billboard Hot 100 and the Canadian Hot 100, respectively.

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) was later awarded the song platinum certification in March 2018. In July 2017, “God Church,” which was titled with another nod to “It’s Everyday Bro,” the previous single that had peaked at number one on the Comedy Digital Track Sales list, was released.

The rapper and YouTube star KSI’s song “Earthquake” was released on August 12, 2017, and it features RiceGum. Over 46 million people saw the video before it was eventually taken off due to a disagreement between the two.

“Frick da Police,” a diss song by Rice Gum directed at YouTuber IDubbbz, was released in October 2017. On the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and Canadian Hot 100 charts, the song debuted at positions 45 and 67, respectively. “Naughty or Nice,” a Christmas song by Rice Gum, was published in December 2017.

The tracks “Bitcoin” and “Fortnite n Chill” by Rice Gum were released in February and April of 2018 respectively.

RiceGum released the song “DaAdult” on April 2, 2020. On May 1, 2020, “My Ex” was made available. The song “Contract Money Freestyle” by RiceGum was released in June 2020.

Other Tasks

The Monster headphones Super Bowl LII commercial included RiceGum. In the commercial, he portrays a man who designs a headset from scratch after listening to Iggy Azalea and has it approved by a manager. His primary YouTube channel has 872nd-most subscribers as of July 2021.


Conflict with other YouTube stars

An episode of Ian W.’s well-liked “Content Cop” series, in which he criticizes the work of other YouTubers, was posted on RiceGum.

The episode earned over 50 million views and over 2 million likes. The diss tune “Asian Jake Paul” appeared towards the conclusion of the video. RiceGum created the diss tune “Frick da Police” in response to the video.

The diss track received a poor response; it presently has 1.3 million dislikes since it was released. Along with James Rallison, Gabbie Hanna, and Bhad Bhabie, RiceGum has engaged in controversy with other well-known YouTubers and singers.

Hong Kong vlog scandal

Through his primary YouTube channel, RiceGum published a video of himself in Hong Kong on June 12, 2018.

In the video, he claims that “Asians consume cats and dogs in China” while asking passersby and a McDonald’s employee if they serve dogs. As he is “always eager to try new things,” he also makes fun of wanting to eat dog and cat meat.

He remarks on the beef entrails being sold on the streets of Hong Kong, asking whether they are dog meat, and says, “Shit looks terrible.”

He allegedly imitated a scene from the Hollywood film Rush Hour starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker to imply that Asian communities do not understand English by filming comedian M2THAK approaching a man in the Hong Kong International Airport and shouting, “Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?”

Additionally, M2THAK was caught on camera moving mannequins in a store window into suggestive sexual poses. In one incident from the video, they gave a native Hong Kong man half-eaten ice cream.

The video has drawn comparisons to Logan Paul’s controversial Japan vlog, with online commentators accusing him of disrespecting and being culturally insensitive in a foreign nation.

Jimmy Wong stated that he was dissatisfied with RiceGum and urged him to “grow up & stop” since his films are now “disrespectful, uneducated, borderline racist, & embarrassing to all creators, especially Asians.”

After the video attracted various criticism in China and other Asian nations two weeks later, on June 26, RiceGum posted a video claiming that he was only “joking about.”

He justified himself by claiming that people are being overly sensitive and that he was only trying to use Asian stereotypes to criticize American comedy culture.

He continued by saying that he thought it was appropriate because he is Asian. Additionally, he expressed a desire to go back to Hong Kong but claimed that he was “kind of terrified now because the people would hit me and beat me up.

” The apology was delivered “in a somewhat glib manner,” according to media site Polygon, and according to What’s Trending, the “apology” “sounded [very] forced.”

Nevertheless, the video was perceived as being disingenuous. Due to a violation of YouTube’s Terms of Service, the video of his Hong Kong tour has been taken down from the site.

Child-Safety Token

RiceGum and members of FaZe Clan served as influencer ambassadors for the cryptocurrency token Save The Kids (KIDS) in June 2021.

This token was positioned as a charity token that would donate a portion of the transaction fee to the Binance Charity Wallet.

Many of the ambassadors then pumped and dumped the token, which caused its value to plummet immediately after it was launched.

RiceGums Net Worth 2022

In 2021, RiceGum had over a billion views on YouTube and had 10.6 million subscribers. The current estimation of Rice Gum’s net worth is $8 million.


Do you want to know RiceGum’s estimated wealth in 2022? You’re on the appropriate blog. Born on November 19, 1996, Bryan Quang Le is an American rapper and YouTuber better known online as RiceGum.

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