Body Measurements of Male Models

Body Measurements of Male Models

The standards for body measurements of male models are fairly strict, much like in traditional modeling. Male modeling is starting to receive the same recognition and respect as female modeling.

David Gandy, Tyson Beckford, and Sean O’Pry have opened the road for males to become as successful and well-known as women on the runway since the 1980s when more men started becoming well-known for their excellent looks.

Are you qualified to be a male model according to industry standards? Use our comprehensive guide to see if you have what it takes.

Getting Started as a Male Model

There aren’t any hard-and-fast standards for what constitutes attractiveness for modeling, thus there aren’t any one-size-fits-all requirements either.

The fact that a male model is in excellent physical condition, has white teeth, bright eyes, and healthy skin makes them stand out from the crowd.

Male models don’t all need to be shredded; many are hired for their petite stature and slim features.

Male runway models are at least 6 feet tall, this height is advantageous. Commercial models must fit into a 40R jacket and range in height from 5’11 to 6’2.

Male hand and foot models must have even skin tone, and straight fingers and toes. A model needs to be at ease with themselves.

A self-assured model will stand out from the crowd regardless of gender. At castings, personality is quite important because businesses frequently want their models to embody the values and spirit of the organization.

Finally, open-mindedness is another prerequisite for a male model. To level out their complexion tones and conceal imperfections, men will need to use makeup during photoshoots.

Some models are compelled to wear or undergo extensive hair styling, even shaving their heads. A male model must be open-minded as well as aware of his limitations and confident in his ability to say no when necessary.


How big are men’s models?

A male model should be between 5 feet 11 and 6 feet 2 inches (180 to 188 cm) tall, with a waist between 29 and 32 inches (73.66 and 81.28 cm) and a chest between 39 and 40 inches (99.06 and 101.60 cm), according to the New York Better Business Career Services website. Male runway models stand out for being lean and toned.

How big are the Victoria’s Secret models’ busts?

According to the study, the majority of Angels are between 32A and 32D bra sizes, size 6 dresses, and 5’10” tall. However, most typical women are 5’4″ tall, wear dresses up to a size 16, and have bra sizes between 34DD and 36DD. Nov 30, 2018

Can 5’7″ men work as models?

There are no height or size restrictions for print modeling, brand repping, or lifestyle modeling. Without a doubt, that is feasible. Males must be at least 5’11” to qualify for most major agencies in LA and NY. For runway and high fashion, that is pretty typical.

Is it a medium size 10?

A medium dress size is what? Brand and country differences in sizing exist. In some stores, a medium is a size 8, but in others, it’s a size 10 to 12. A medium is often about a size 10 on average.

Male Grooming Advice for Novices

Skin Care

Successful models follow a grooming regimen to maintain healthy skin. To prevent excessive digital manipulation in photographs, the skin should be well-cared for.

Learn to use a proper cleanser to cleanse your skin morning and night, and get a moisturizer. To prevent sun damage, be careful to wear SPF every day on your face and neck.

Make sure to ask your make-up artist for guidance on the best items to use if you plan to wear makeup for a shoot so you can learn how to remove it effectively.

They will have some wonderful recommendations. For healthy, radiant skin, drinking plenty of water is also crucial.

Consuming a lot of fish and fresh vegetables will also aid to maintain clear skin.

Hair Care

Hair must be kept in good condition, cleanly trimmed, and root-free. Keep your facial hair neat so casting directors can still discern your face’s structure. Messy beards are also out.

For some jobs, underwear models may need to consider shaving their pubic and chest hair. Model Cory Bond claims he once lost a job because he shaved his chest before a casting when they required body hair. It is crucial to ALWAYS confirm the specifications with the company before a shoot.

Diet & Body Image

Male models who take care of their bodies are preferred by the modeling profession. Maintain muscular tone, this entails consuming a lot of nutritious food and exercising frequently.

 Various Types of Models

  • models for high fashion. These are the models who stand in for high-end brands and are frequently linked to catwalks.
  • models for commerce and advertising. These models are employed in the sale of goods and services. The commercial category includes high street brands.
  • model catalogs. For appearances in retail catalogs and on websites, these models don branded or high-end apparel.
  • real-world examples. These individuals are hired because of their attractiveness and serve as examples of “average” males. Customers can easily relate to them.
  • traditional types. The older model. You’ll see him promoting things like golf clubs, pricey automobiles, vacations, and retirement plans. Older target audiences can relate to classic models because they are used.
  • model athletes. These models are pleased to flaunt their distinct body definition in front of the camera.


Similar to traditional modeling, the criteria for male models’ physical measurements are fairly rigid. Beginning to enjoy the same respect and recognition as female modeling is male modeling.

With this article, you will know the exact measurements required for a male model.

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