Smack White's Net worth (2022)

Smack White’s Net worth (2022)

Do you want to know about Smack White’s net worth (2022)? You are on the right blog.  The Ultimate Rap League (SMACK/URL) is a New York City-based battle rap league founded by hip hop promoter Troy “Smack White” Mitchell, Eric Beasley, Street Star Forbes, and Jean “Cheeko” French, all of Queens, New York.

Troy Mitchell, a well-known American rapper, was born on this date in 1979. Smack White’s net worth (2022) is $85 million, He is a battle rapper, and event planner and the host is the brains behind the Ultimate Rap League. Troy Mitchell, according to horoscopes, is a Cancer.

The league has received support from a wide range of artists, music executives, disc jockeys, and sports figures including Sean Combs, Busta Rhymes, Drake as well as Q-Tip, Joe Budden, Cassidy, and King Los as well as Beanie Sigel and Jay-Z, and Funkmaster Flex. Other supporters include Lupe Fiasco and Adrien Broner, as well as Kevin Durant and Nick Cannon.


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Smack White Net worth (2022)

Early Life of Smack White

S.M.A.C.K. DVD (an acronym for Street Music, Arts, Culture, and Knowledge) was a famous street DVD series that ran from 2002 to 2008. Rap DVDs frequently also include interviews and biographical information about upcoming rappers.

There seem to be several DVDs that feature street-level Cappella and unjudged rap battles on the street. A new benchmark was created for modern-day battle rap as a result of these contestants’ performances in leagues and tournaments including MTV’s Monday Night Fight Klub,, Sho-time Battle Rap League, and King of the Dot.

Most of their rap bouts now receive millions of views on the URL. Their tagline, “You Can’t Copy Respect,” advises combat rap fans to “follow the inventors, not the imitators,” as they fiercely guard their legacy in the genre. Many young artists have benefited from the league’s support.

Before there was a second wave of rap fighters for the Ultimate Rap League there were several well-known names in the game such as Charlie Clips and Conceited, Hitman Holla, Tsu Surf, Hollow da Don, Aye Verb, Goodz, and Calicoe.

Because of their contributions to URL’s rise to fame, numerous major players, including Smack, have indeed been profiled on BET and XXL Magazine. Furthermore, their battles are frequently discussed by battle rap bloggers and promoters on

It was announced in May of this year that the URLTV.TV App would be made available to the public. In addition to another unique programming, the subscription-based app lets users watch previously unpublished and pay-per-view matches.

Smack White’s personal life

When it comes to his private life, Troy Mitchell(smack white) doesn’t want to talk about it. Troy Mitchell has never had a wife before. He and his wife just got married recently.

He didn’t want anyone to know about his home life or his relationship with his girlfriend. Troy Mitchell prefers not to discuss his personal life, including his remarriage.

The net worth of Smack White

Troy Mitchell’s net worth or net income is projected to be 5 million dollars. As a rapper, he has earned this much money. Troy Mitchell is one of today’s most well-off rappers. Troy is ranked as the richest rapper.

He’s making a nice living. At the age of 41, Troy Mitchell, a well-known rapper, has a net worth of $85 million. The story of how he got rich doesn’t end here.

He has a huge following on social media platforms including Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. When he started, he was valued at about $1.5 million. From the ages of 25 to 35, his net worth has risen to $5 million.


Smack White is a popular Rapper, An estimate of Troy Mitchell’s fortune puts it at $5 million. Was born on this date in 1979. He is a battle rapper, event planner and host is the brains behind the Ultimate Rap League. With this article, you will know more about Smack White.

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