Startimes Customer Care Phone Number, Whatsapp Number, Email Address, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Pages

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This article features Startimes TV customer care contact details, including their Whatsapp number, email address, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Read on!

Startimes is a Chinese owned television subscription service in Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya and several parts of Africa.

Just like GOTV and DSTV, Startimes is one of the leading TV subscription service providers in Nigeria. It is fast gaining grounds across the country.

The company allows you to subscribe and gain access to its many channels so you can keep up with your favourite TV shows and movies. Including popular music competition, Nigerian Idol.

Below are different ways you can use to contact their customer care centre.

Startimes Customer Care Phone Numbers

Startimes official customer care phone number is 094618888 and 014618888.

They are the mobile phone numbers to call from any part of Nigeria. Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano, Enugu etc.

Ensure you have your Smart Card Number ready before calling the customer support centre. This will make it easier for the team to render to you whatever assistance you need immediately.

Startimes Customer Care Email Address

Another great way to contact the TV cable network is via their email address.

Speaking of that, the official email address for making contact with Startimes customer help centre in Nigeria is [email protected]

You can get your issues resolved instantly, just by sending a mail to that email address.

Startimes Customer Care Whatsapp Number

In recent time, many companies have taken to Whatsapp as one of their means of making contact with their customers.

This is a route Startimes is yet to fully take. While there has been rumours of the company coming up with different numbers for their Whatsapp chat, the company is yet to verify this on their website and verified social media pages.

Presently, you can contact Startimes on 014618888 and chat live with them using their official email address or social media handles.

Startimes Social Media Pages

One of the best ways of speaking with the TV service customer service agents, is via their verified social media pages.

This includes Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

All you need to do is send them a direct message on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. In a few seconds, you receive a reply straight in your inbox.

Here are the links to their verified social media pages:




Before sending a message to any of the listed social media handles, ensure you see the “verified” sign beside it. The sign is usually a blue tick that differentiates official social media pages from the rest.

In Summary

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