How To Respond To Buyers Requests On Fiverr


How do I respond to respond to buyers requests on Fiverr? You asked.

Well, here’s a complete guide on how to write the perfect response to Fiverr buyers request. Read on!

Without any controversy, Fiverr remains one of the biggest platforms to work and make money online at any time. Imagine getting paid a minimum of $5 for putting your skills to good use and doing a particular thing with your smartphone, laptop or desktop computer.

Sounds amazing. Right?

That is why when I’m not writing on Infoguider, I’m on Fiverr writing for others. Doing exactly what I know how best and getting paid for it.

The journey hasn’t been easy I must confess. But it has been worth every step of the way.

Stay with me on this page to learn how I do this.

Mastering The Art Of Winning Buyers Request And Making More Money On Fiverr

Like competitions or contract bidding, you must master how to win buyers request on Fiverr. That is if you are to make real money from the platform.

Doing that begins with learning exactly how to write the perfect offer or response to buyers request.

You see, Fiverr is such a great platform that it has so many persons struggling for the same opportunities at the same.

Chances are that the same buyers request that you see on your dashboard has also been seen by numerous other persons.

Some of these persons must have responded to it in the best ways they know how to. Others may have also seen and ignored it.

If you are going to win and get hired to do the job, you are going to have to convince the buyer that you are definitely worth every penny he’s going to spend ordering your gig.

That is where learning how to respond perfectly to the request comes in.

How Best To Respond To Fiverr Buyers Request

Before responding to the buyers request, the following are some of the things you should do. These will help you create a great response and win offers.

1. Think Like The Buyer

The first step to writing a very powerful buyers request response, is to understand that Buyers on Fiverr are human beings too. They have expectations and want to hire people to meet them.

Now, to write a reply that will really hit home to these buyers, you have to start by thinking like them.

That would mean you have to first ask yourself questions like:

“What kind of an offer would I like to come across for this job if I were the buyer?”

“What kind of a person am I looking forward to hire? A random person or a highly experienced worker?”

“How much am I wil ling to offer for it and how long can I wait before it’s delivered?”

Once you’ve been able to get these things figured out, you are on your way to winning already.

2.  Do Not Sell Yourself Short Or Too high

One of the common mistakes sellers make when responding to buyers request, is to beg for the offer. The other is to brag about your skills.

That’s not proper at all. Begging for the job makes you look desperate. That’s selling yourself short. If you’ve truly got the skills, why beg like your life depends on the offer?

Simply present your skills and show samples of your previous works if any. Then leave the buyer to decide whether he’s going to work with you or not.

3. Quality Service First. Not Money

A common mistake most people do when sending a reply to a buyers request, is to charge too much for their services. That’s putting money first.

When replying a buyer request, your focus should be on winning his heart and delivering quality services. Not necessarily on how much you will be paid.

That’s not to say that the money is not important. It is. However, once you have won the buyer and delivered a good job, the buyer is likely to keep coming back for more.

Having said that, let’s take a look at samples of descriptions written in response to a buyers request.

Formats To Use In Writing A Perfect Response To Buyer Requests

Have you been searching online for best ways to respond to buyers requests?

Below are a few samples to take a clue from:

Sample A

“Hi. My name is John Smart.

I just finished reading through your buyers request and clearly understood your needs.

Having done similar works in the past, I believe I can truly meet your expectations on this.

Here are links to some of my works you can use to evaluate my skills,  abilities and experience.

I look forward to working with you on this. Thank you”

Sample B


I came across your buyers request in which you stated your need for a content writer.

Knowing how important this job is to you and your business, I offer to handle it and give you my very best.

If chosen for it, I will give you top quality plagiarism-free articles that will rank high on Google and other search engines.

As you can see from my ratings and reviews, I have done this for several other persons. Yours won’t be an exception.

Please feel free to place the order as soon as you are ready and send me further details so I can start immediately.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you!

John Smart”

Final Words

Have you been searching online for how to respond to buyers requests on Fiverr?

Follow the explanations, steps and samples in this guide to do just that. Believe me, you will start more orders and making more money in the long run.

I hope you find this useful.

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