Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Nigeria

This article was written for the tourist seeking to vacation in a city with great sceneries and entertaining activities; for the indigene who needs to appreciate their country a bit more.

I welcome you to read on as we explore the most beautiful cities in Nigeria.

First, what makes a city beautiful?

You will agree with me that the beauty of a city must be objective as Alan de Botton states.

Some of the things we look out for are big structures, a planned synergy between order and variety, streets that are teeming with life, and a great sense of the local culture and geography.

In light of these, I have selected 10 of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria, now let’s get on to it.

List Of The Most Beautiful Cities In Nigeria Currently

1. Abuja

Abuja is the most pre-planned city, no surprise there, as it is the country’s seat of power. 

The pristinely neat city has terrific road networks, big architectural constructions, and international shopping centres. 

Some tourist attractions are the Usuma dam, Jabi lake, Benue river, Millennium park, African Disney world, amongst others.

2. Uyo

Uyo! Known to be serene with great structures and an attractive landscape.

Some places you need to visit include the Ibom hotel and golf resort, Ibom Tropicana, and the National Museum of colonial history.

3. Calabar

The city is a tourists’ favourite. 

It has exquisite resorts and hotels, magnificent shores, and tremendous landscapes. 

It is extremely clean, organised, and safe. 

Calabar will entertain you with its amusement parks, botanical gardens, seaports and you might be able to see one of their famous festivals and shows.

4. Lagos

The commercial hub of the country as well as the most populated.

Now, if you’re looking for tall buildings and skyscrapers, Lagos is your best bet, with the amazing coastline that ravishes the city with beauty. 

Lagos has great shopping malls, theatres, art galleries, beach resorts, as well as an amazing nightlife.

5. Kaduna

Other than Kano, Kaduna is the most industrialised city in the North. 

Its serene environment will inspire you and you will be thrilled by the unique cultural displays of the people and places.

There is a National Museum, the Kajuru Castle, and the Matsirga Waterfall.

6. Enugu

One of the most stunning cities in Eastern Nigeria. The nice topography is full of eye-catchy hills that would provoke an ‘awemazing’ appreciation for nature.

It is wonderful how the ancient features of the city have been preserved even with urbanization. 

Some places to visit are the Awhum waterfalls and Udi and Ugwueme hills.

7. Port Harcourt

The rich oil city is one of the most expensive cities to live in.

The city has long scenic drives and bubbly nightlife. 

If you are a lover of waterfronts, you definitely want to be in Port Harcourt, it has lovely waterfronts and beaches. 

One of the attractive locations is Garden city, the Boro park, forest reserve, and zoological gardens.

8. Jos

Jos is a tourist’s favourite, particularly for its weather and tranquil environment.

It is remarkable for its natural beauty ladened with striking hills, waterfalls, and rich forests.

It has 2 museums, a wildlife park, and a game reserve.

9. Owerri

A great city and an incredible place to visit and to live in.

The nightlife is bustling with clubbing activities, casinos, and music, and movie studios.

You will be interested in the Oguta lake, Adam Palm plantation, Mbaeri cultural and art centre, and the Nekede zoo.

10. Warri

The Deltan city is famous for being one of the most expensive cities in the country.

It is well organised and clean, with ancient memorials, coastal shores, and great road networks.

You will want to visit the Abraka golf course, Delta city mall, the red mangrove swamp, and several others.

This is the list of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria, among others. Let me know if this helps your vacation or relocation plans.

Final Words

These are not the most developed places in the country in terms of industrialization. But they’re definitely the most beautiful cities in Nigeria presently.

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