How To Check NIN Number On Airtel: Fastest Methods


Would you like to know how to check NIN number on Airtel? You’ve come to the right page. This guide features the best ways to check your NIN on Airtel network.

So if you are searching or asking online, “how can I know my NIN on Airtel?” this article was written with you in mind. I recommend you read it to the end for better understanding on how to get your NIN fast on your Airtel line.

What is NIN?

NIN is an acronym for National Identification Number. It is also referred to as National Identity Number.

It’s an 11-digits number issued to individual adults in Nigeria by NIMC for identification purpose.

NIN has been in existence in Nigeria for several years but became popular towards the ending of 2020 when the NCC made it mandatory for all active telecom network subscribers to link their National Identity Number to their mobile lines.

Irrespective of the network SIM card you are using, you must register for NIN and get it linked to your line. Unless you are below the age of 18, which if you are, either of your parents or guardians have to do that for you.

According to the National Communications Commission, all active subscribers who fail to link their NIN Number to their phone lines within a given time, will be automatically disconnected.

How Do I Get My NIN?

The first way to get your NIN is to register for it. Simply walk into an Airtel office (or that of other network companies) and tell them you want to register for National Identification Number.

You’ll be given some forms to fill with your BioData. Ensure you fill it accurately, to avoid having the wrong details on your profile.

After the initial registration, you’ll be given a week to return and complete the registration steps with a few more things to do.

Once that is done, you will have your NIN issued to you on a slip. You can photocopy, laminate and save this somewhere among your documents.

In case you don’t have an Airtel office close to you for this, you can also do it at a GLO, MTN or 9Mobile office. Aside that, you can visit the nearest local government headquarters close to you and get it done at NIMC office there.

Once your National Identity Number has been issued to you, you can be able to check it on your line at anytime. Below is how to do that on Airtel Nigeria Telecommunication Network.

How To Check NIN Number On Airtel

To check your NIN number on Airtel:

  1. Dial  the NIN ussd code *346# using your Airtel line on your phone.
  2. You will see “Welcome to NIMC USSD service. This service will cost you N20.” Press 1 to Continue or 2 to Cancel.
  3. Wait for 3 seconds. Your NIN number will be displayed on your phone screen and you will also get it as an SMS on your Airtel line.

That is how to check NIN Number on Airtel. This method uses the NIMC code *346# and takes less than 3 seconds, making it the fastest way to know your NIN number.

How Do I Check My Airtel NIN Number Online?

An alternative way to know your Airtel NIN Number is to check it online on the My Airtel Africa app.

  • To check your Airtel NIN number online, download My Airtel Africa mobile app from Google Play Store or Apple Store for iPhone users.
  • Input your phone number to register on the app.
  • Once successful, you will be redirected to your dashboard. Go to “Options” and select “My Account/Profile”
  • Scroll down to your NIN Number and copy it.

That’s how to check or get your NIN number online on Airtel network.

Final Words On How To Check NIN Number On Airtel

From what we have discussed so far, you see that there are two ways to check your Airtel NIN Number fast.

The first one is through the use of NIMC USSD service code, which is *346#.

The second option is to check it online using My Airtel Africa mobile app.

While the first option costs N20 everytime you use it, the second option is completely free. Choose the one that works for you out of the two.

I hope you find this guide useful in knowing your NIN on Airtel Nigeria network.

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