How To Start Snail Farming Business In Nigeria (A Complete Guide)


Here’s a complete guide on how to start snail farming business in Nigeria and anywhere around the world.


As an aspiring livestock farmer, there are hunreds of livestock you can choose from,ranging from Turkey, catfish, poultry, snail etc.

Snail belongs to the second largest group in the Animal kingdom of Phylum Molusca, among the Invertebrates.

It has different species, the AA and the AM. They both lay eggs  but the AM lays up to 200 eggs.

But, before you decide to invest in any of this, there are factors to consider before setting it up.

This factors could be labour intensive or capital intensive.

Let’s talk about Snail farming business in Nigeria in details.

Snail farming is one of the lucrative business people don’t know about.

This post will open your eyes to the many benefits of venturing into Snail farming.

Snails are part of the diet many can’t do without but it is relatively scarce and costly.

If you rear snails for commercial purposes, I bet you restaurants, hotels and the rich will be your permanent friends.

Africans in diaspora demands for Snail in larger quantity.

Can you believe that the United States imports more than $4 million worth of Snails annually from all over the world including Nigeria.

The Europe and North America can’t do without Snails. More so, the annual demand for snail in Nigeria is 7.5 million kg.

You see, snail farming is not just ok but among the best livestock business you can do.

Factors To Consider Before Starting Your Snail Farming Business In Nigeria

There are a few things you need to put in check while setting up your Snail farming.

Most importantly, your passion about the business will determine your success or breakthrough.

These five basic steps has worked for so many within and across Nigeria and I know it will work for you if you adhere to it.

1: Choose the right specie

As stated earlier, the two best species are AA and AM.

But the only difference is that AA according to research has proved best for warm climate regions like Africa but the AM gives birth to 200 eggs.

You can start with both in a separate pen but it is best to use a single specie.

2: Build a Pen

This is where people get it wrong. Snails are not like birds, they need an escape proof pen, house that is spacious and accessible with a soil depth of 10 inches  with some trees around.

Just like every other livestock, overcrowding delays speed in growth and development of any livestock and Snails are not left behind.

Spacing reduces the risk of disease outbreak and increases yield.

3: Buy your Snails

Before you buy your snails, look out for a lip at the shell. 

This means it is fully grown for procreation.

You can choose either AA or AM,  depending on your choice.

4: Feeding And Mating

Snails are vegetarians which means that they can be fed with mangoes, cucumber, lettuce, egg plant, tomato, cabbage, banana, pineapple, paw paw.


Snails are hermaphrodites which means they mate themselves.

All you have to do is to provide them high quality soil with  the right humidity and temperature. 

Their mating occurs during spring or summer.

5: Harvesting

This is when you reap your good deeds.

When they are fully mature, you can sell as many as you want but I advise you not to sell off all the matured ones at once. Reason is for Continuity.

NB: Starting Snail farming business doesn’t require much money but there are mandatory requirements for it.

They are housing, healthy snails, feeding, marketing and transportation.

You can start from home if you don’t have much capital or a budget of N60,000 to N100,000 will be good.

In Conclusion

Snail farming business in Nigeria is the best livestock business in terms of cost and time.

It’s excreta is nothing to worry about.

The best season for this business is during the rainy season.

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