How To Upgrade Zenith Bank Account In Nigeria

How To Upgrade Zenith Bank Account

Are you searching online for how to upgrade Zenith Bank account? This is the right page for you. 

In this post I will show you how to easily upgrade your Zenith Bank account in Nigeria.

What Are The Requirements For Upgrading Zenith Bank Account?

The following are some of the things required to upgrade Zenith bank account in Nigeria:

1. A valid identity card. This can be your voter’s card or your national ID card. It can also be your driver’s licence or international passport.

2. A utility bill. This can be your electricity bill, water bill or any other government issued utility bill. This is needed for your address verification.

3. Your Zenith bank account number and and other details.

4. A duly completed Zenith bank account upgrade form.

Once you have every one of these things ready, the next thing is to proceed to upgrading the account.

How To Upgrade Your Zenith Bank Account

When it comes to upgrading your Zenith Bank account, follow the guidelines listed below to do that:

1. Walk into any Zenith bank branch within your location.

2. Meet with the customer care agents and explain to them that you are there to upgrade your account.

3. You will be given a form to fill. Ensure you feel this accordingly using your Zenith bank account details.

4. Once you are done filling the form, hand it over to the customer service representatives.

5. Submit the relevant documents to the customer care service.

6. Follow any other instructions they may give to you to complete the account upgrade. In less than 24 hours, the Zenith Bank account will be successfully upgraded and the transaction limits extended.

Can I Upgrade My Zenith Bank Account Online?

Unfortunately, while you can upgrade your Zenith bank transaction limit online, you cannot fully upgrade the account itself to another type of account (e.g Savings to Current) or to a higher type of the same account (e.g. Tier 1 Savings account) online.

To upgrade or increase your transaction limit online, you would have to do that using the Zenith Bank mobile app or the Zenith Bank internet banking  platform.

How Long Does It Take For The Account Upgrade To Be Completed?

Normally Zenith bank account upgrading takes less than 24 hours if the right documents are submitted.

However if you didn’t submit those documents the first time, you may have to go back to get them before returning to the bank at a later.

This is what usually cause the delay which most people have faced while trying to upgrade their accounts.

Does Zenith Bank Staffs Have To Visit Me Before Upgrading My Account?

In the past, yes, but now no. Your account can be upgraded using the information you provided without the bank staff having to come to your house.

However, for certain type of accounts and depending on the amount involved, the bank staff may decide to pay you a visit in order to verify your source of income from your neighborhood.

This verification is usually done secretly. You won’t even know when they will come around.

What is the app successfully verified your means of income, the account to be upgraded.

Can I Use Another Person’s Details To Upgrade My Zenith Account?

No, it is not advisable to use another person’s information to upgrade your account.

Ensure that you use only original documents when trying to upgrade your Zenith account, to avoid putting yourself through unnecessary stress with the law enforcement agents.

In Summary

I have shown you in this guide how to easily upgrade your Zenith bank account using your personal documents. Such as your voter’s card, National Identity Card, Driver’s licence, International passport, utility bill and several others.

Have you been searching online for how to upgrade Zenith bank account in Nigeria?

I hope you find the information provided in this guide very useful. Kindly share this article article online with your friends.

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