What Is The Meaning Of “Lori Iro” In Nigeria


Checkout the meaning of ‘Lórí író’, the catchphrase which has been trending on Nigerian cyberspace in recent time.

Every day, we see new words (catchphrases, slogans etc) trend on the social media.

Just like “Always resist the urge to shalaye“, “bone straight hair” and so on, “Lori Iro” is currently trending on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Nearly every post and comment section features it. This has left many users, mostly non Yorubas, wondering what it means.

To help your curiosity, we will give an answer to what the catchphrase means below. You’ll also learn how you can use it when making statements on social media or in real life.

What is the meaning of Lori Iro? What does it mean when someone says Lori Iro On Twitter, Facebook and Instagram?

Answer: In the Yoruba language where the word originated from, Lori Iro simply means “lies on top of lies.” When someone says Lori Iro to you on Twitter and Facebook or in real life, they are indirectly telling you you’re lying.

You may have come across the terminology on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts. Especially in posts where the Nigerian government is making a promise to the citizens or is claiming to have achieved something.

For instance when the popular Nigerian minister Lai Mohammed posts something like “Boko haram has been technically defeated.” In response, Nigerians will take to the comment section to post “Lori Iro” meaning “lies on top of lies” in English.

When a man also promises a lady what is completely beyond his capacity with the aim of deceiving her, the response is usually “Lori Iro!”

“I get two planes wey I park for my backyard. I go give you one if you gree make I put just the head……”

My sister, na lori iro o!😂😂😂😂😂

“Na my papa get Dangote refineries, we just dey use the Hausa man cover face”

Bro, na confirm lie on top of lie bi dat. Infact, na di oga kpatakpata of lies bi dat! 🤣🤣🤣

I hope you get the gist now. I’ve explained it in several ways so you can understand it. Including using Pidgin language.

Now do you know anyone who lies a lot on social media?

Having known the meaning of lori iro from this post, you should be able to use it to confront them.

I hope you enjoyed reading this!

If you claim not to have enjoyed the post, lori iro o 😂😂😂😂😂

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