Zenith Bank Customer Care Number, WhatsApp Number, Facebook And Twitter Verified Pages


Zenith Bank Customer Care Number, WhatsApp Number, Facebook And Twitter Verified Pages


Are you looking for ways to reach out to Zenith Bank customer service? Do you have complaints or request as regards to your account or their services?

Want to know the customer care number for Zenith Bank?


If yes, then you are on the right page.


This article contains Zenith bank customer care phone numbers, their Facebook and Twitter pages as well as their WhatsApp number. You will also find their YouTube and Instagram pages here.  Keep reading


These social media pages gives you the opportunity to relate with any of the bank’s agent without visiting the bank. Issues or complains regarding your account irrespective of what the issue may be will be sorted out almost immediately your request is posted.


The following are the social media pages you can use to get help from zenith’s customer care service on your mobile phone or computer.




Twitter: www.twitter.com/zenithbankplc


Instagram: www.instagram.com/Zenithbankplc




The above are their verified pages. However, it is important to be sure you are on the right page before disclosing your banking details online. To confirm if the pages are correct, you will see a blue tick just beside the account name. That’s a proof that you are on the right page.


Zenith Bank Customer Care Whatsapp Number


The official Zenith Bank Whatsapp number is 07040004422.

This platform gives you the opportunity of an online chat with an agent thereby ensuring you a quicker resolution of your banking challenges.


Zenith Bank Customer Care Phone Number & Email


You can also contact Zenith bank customer care service via phone call. It’s conveniet for everyone without a smart phone. You can also use any network to reach out to them.


Here is the phone number: 012787000


If you are planning on making a complain about your account, ensure that you are using the phone number you use to open your account. However if you don’t have an account yet with zenith bank and you want to make enquires, you can still call these numbers.


You can also send an email to the bank’s email address: [email protected]


All you need do is compose your mail well and send it to the email address above for your request or account issues. You will get a reply shortly.


Having these contacts with you, issues like retrieving your account number, changing of phone number, SMS or email alerts, blocking your ATM and other vital issues can be sorted out with ease. Plus you can reach out to them at your convenient time at the comfort of your house.


In Summary


In case you have been searching for Zenith Bank customer care services, this article provides you with their social media accounts, WhatsApp number if you wish to have an online chat as well as their verified phone numbers and email address.


With any of these, you can get your account issues resolved as soon as possible.


Once you have contacted them, ensure you go straight to the point so you can get a fast response from them.


I hope this article was useful.

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