5 Things You Should Know About Jaiz Bank Nigeria

5 Things You Should Know About Jaiz Bank Nigeria

Ever heard of Jaiz Bank, the bank with the unique non interest banking service? Here you will learn 5 important things about the bank, apart from the tons of information you will get about its history and structure. Let’s get on the journey.

The Nigerian Banking industry is a quite competitive environment, with banks packaging products and services to outdo one another and lure more customers. From good physical structure set up, to efficient tech operation and friendly interest rates, each one of the banks is making many efforts to be in the front row.

Religious wise, Nigeria is a quite sensitive country, and so the idea of interest banking does not sit well with many citizens of the country due to their line of religious beliefs. Also, many businessmen desire an institution that van give loans without the burden of interest to break their necks.

However, many banks in Nigeria don’t offer these services. Even the Entrepreneurial encouraging government set up bank, the Bank of Industry (BoI) and Bank of Agriculture (BoA) still have a small percentage of interest on loans given out by them. But one bank exist in Nigeria which does no interest banking, and if you are well familiar with the Nigerian banking Industry, you can guess the one am talking about here. Yes, it’s Jaiz Bank.

About Jaiz Bank

Founded in 2003 as Jaiz International PLC before metamorphosing to Jaiz bank and starting banking operations on the 6th of January 2012. 

Jaiz bank is the first non-interest banking service provider in Nigeria. its headquarters is in the Nigerian Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

Jaiz Bank is a bank which operates with the principles of Islam. This anyway does not mean that the bank can be patronised by Muslims alone. Every Nigerian can patronise the bank. 

The banks operations include retail banking, eBusiness, and corporate banking. The bank is part of the Depository Credit Intermediation Industry. 

The core values of Jaiz bank are built on seven principles, and they are; Trust, Customer Focus, Entrepreneurship, Responsibility, Excellence, Simplicity, and Partnership. 

The bank started operations with a regional license before metamorphosing to a bank with National spread in May 2016.

Jaiz Bank Products and Services

Products and Services offered by Jaiz bank includes but not limited to;

Personal Banking products such as Jaiz kids Account, Jaiz premium savings,  Current Account, Jaiz auto finance, Ijara Service, Jaiz home Finance, Jaiz household appliances Finance,  Savings account, and so on.

Corporate Banking products offered by Jaiz bank includes but not limited to;

Construction/Project Financing Equity based Finance, Lease to Own Finance Jaiz Wakala Investment, Bonds and Guarantee, Jaiz Ijara Service Corporate, Working Capital Financing, and so on

Jaiz also offers Trade Finance products such as Import Finance and Export Finance.

Top 5 things to know about Jaiz bank Nigeria

1. Jaiz Bank Sort Code

A sort code is a banks identity, and is something of great importance. The official sort code of Jaiz Bank Head Office is 301080020.

2.  Jaiz Bank Transfer Code

If as a Jaiz bank customer, you are a fan of USSD mobile banking service, the USSD code for Jaiz Bank mobile banking is *773#. This the official Jaiz Bank transfer code.

3.  Jaiz Bank Mobile App

Mobile Banking via mobile app provides a lot of ease, convenience, speed and comfort. The Jaiz bank mobile app offers all these benefits plus much more. 

It is named Jaiz Mobile Plus and is available in Google Play Store for android and Apple Store for iOS versions.

4.  Jaiz Bank Loan

Jaiz bank has diverse loan offers, and many of them are already listed among the products and services above. 

A search through the offers will surely lead you to find one suitable for you. And don’t forget the non-interest banking part. That is what makes the whole offer interesting.

5.  Jaiz Bank Salary Structure

The official average salary for Jaiz Bank is N111,681. Specific figures for each level and role may not really be available, but from feedbacks and testimonies gotten from Jaiz staff, the bank pays well. You might want to work with them, that if the opportunity present itself.

Final Words

That is all about 5 things to know about Jaiz Bank Nigeria. Hope you learnt well, and please don’t forget to share.

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