Adsense Earning Guide For Nigerian Bloggers: How To Increase Your Adsense Earnings Using High Paying CPC Keywords

I will show you in this post how to increase your Google Adsense earnings using high paying CPC keywords on your blog or website regardless of how old or new it is.
If you have been searching for proven ways to boost your Adsense revenue and get above the $100 mark set by Google as minimum payout per month, I recommend you read this post to the end and then feel free to drop your questions where you are not yet clear. I will gladly answer them as soon as I see them.
If you are ready to learn this new tips which will end your struggle as a blogger using Adsense, then get a piece of paper and jot down some of the things you are about to learn.

In my few years of being around the web as a blogger (I have had other blogs before Inspire Wealth Blog), one thing I have discovered is as difficult as it is to get Adsense approval, making the money from it is even more difficult. Especially without the right knowledge.
Several bloggers actually assume if they just get approved by Adsense, all they need to do to make money with it is to just set up the ads on their sites.
While it is true that you can earn some money this way, it will take several months (and sometimes, years) before you can really earn up to $100 from it. Unless you spend your entire time working on increasing your traffic and pageviews.
However, there is a much better, easier and faster way to earn serious money per month from Adsense even if your blog is a new one blog with less than 50 top quality posts on it.
That new way to earn more money in a short while with Google Adsense is through high paying CPC keywords and I will be showing you how it works throughout this post. (Just keep reading)
Without taking much of your time, let me show you how high paying keywords work to help you make more money from Google Ads

How Adsense High Paying CPC Keywords Work

To help you understand this better, I am going to use a very simple example below to explain how high paying CPC keywords work on Adsense.
(I am assuming you already know CPC stands for Cost Per Click and refers to the amount of money an advertiser is willing to pay a publisher for a click on his ads displayed on the publisher’s website or blog)
  • Let us assume two online stores Gabby Cars and Marshal Cars both deal on cars. Then these two stores want to advertise their cars through Google advertisement program known as Adwords.
  • Through Adwords, Gabby Cars says to Google, “every time someone searches for cars, show our ads”
  • To display Gabby Cars ads on websites and blogs that are in partnership with Google through through Adsense writes about cars, Google charges $10 per click on those ads. (Now bear in mind that for every click on those ads, Google takes about 32 of the amount the advertiser paid while the site owner keeps the remaining 68%)
  • The other online store Marshal Cars says to Google, “we have noticed people search more for best cars 2018 and will you to show our ads on websites and blogs with those keywords.”
  • Because “best cars 2018” are long tail kwywords, they have the potential to be searched more on Google than just “cars”. This also means there is going to be more websites and blogs writing about it. Knowing this, Google charges them $50 for those keywords and inserts their ads everywhere the content is about “best cars 2018”.
  • For every click on those ads, Marshal Cars pays Google $50 who in turn pays the website owner or publisher about 68% of the money. That is how high paying CPC keywords work.
  • If by any means the first online store, Gabby Cars, discovers they are not making much sales from their ads that shows only on the keyword “cars”, they will have to upgrade it to something like “Best Cars From US” or “Latest Cars 2018” etc. And for this to happen, Google will charge them more money for it and then look for publishers whose contents are about “latest cars 2018” or “best cars from US” and place the ads there.
  • This means that for every click, the site owner or publisher has more money added to his account than when the first “cars” ads were displayed on his site.

I hope you are clear now from the above examples on how high paying Adsense CPC keywords work to generate more money for bloggers and site site owners. This is the secret to earning more with Adsense.
Having explained this, let me now show you the highest paying CPC keywords on Adwords (Google Advertising) that you can take advantage of today and earn more from Adsense.
If you make your contents about any of the high paying CPC keywords I am going to be listing out below, you will certainly notice a 100% boost in your Adsense earnings instantly. This is a very real and legitimate way to increase your earnings, trust me! 

Highest Paying CPC Keywords For Earning More With Adsense (By Industry & Topics)

According to Alejandro Rioja these industries listed below pay the highest CPC on Adsense.
1.     Insurance $57 CPC
2.     Gas/Electricity $54 CPC
3.     Mortgage $47 CPC
4.     Attorney $47 CPC
5.     Loans $44 CPC
6.     Lawyer $42 CPC
7.     Donate $42 CPC
8.     Conference Call $42 CPC
9.     Degree $40 CPC
10.     Credit $38 CPC
11. Health (this is my own addition)
You can as well target these other keywords alejandro listed out and make more money from your blogs or websites
1) Treatment $37 CPC
2) Software $35 CPC
3) Classes $35 CPC
4) Recovery $34 CPC
5) Trading $33 CPC
6) Rehab $33 CPC
7) Hosting $31 CPC
8) Transfer $29 CPC
9) Cord Blood $27 CPC
10) Claim $25 CPC
These are just some of the keywords with the highest CPC on Adsense currently. There are other words like Bitcoin, Mesothelioma, Digital Marketing, SEO, Free Domain Registration and much more.
Just do your research well and start earning more with Adsense.
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If you have any question regarding this, please do not hesitate to leave them at the comment section below. If you know any other keyword bloggers can use to increase their Adsense earnings, let me know in the comment section below.

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