How To Share & Unshare Data On Glo (complete Guide)

Helping out your friends and family with data just got easier with the Glo network. Sometimes the people that we love may go into the serious need of data, Glo has made it easy for us to extend helping hands to them so that they don’t end up stranded. In this article, I’ll be giving you a complete guide on how to share and unshare data on Glo.

What does sharing data mean?

Sharing data is simply the ability to share the same data resource with more than one user. Simply put, it is the act of allowing other users to take part in your subscription. Giving them the right to use your data without needing to ask for your consent at all times, unsupervised.

Data sharing is now very common among users of many networks. Friends and family show love to themselves through this means. Giving access to your friends and family do they do not become stranded for data.

How to share data on the Glo network

Glo understands that everyone loves gifts. There is love in sharing. In lieu of this, Glo network have made their data sharing process a very easy one. It can be done within seconds. Free from stress and not in any way time-consuming. All the information you would need to have would be the phone number of the user you intend to share data with and that’s all.

It is important to know that you can only share data with a glo user. That is to say that both of you MUST  be Glo users. This is the only way it can work. You can only share data with people that use the same Network that you do. To have it any other way would simply be a miracle that is yet to happen.

Now then, to share data on Glo network

Dial *127*01*[friends number]#

Just like that. Follow the options and the promptings that follow. It’s as easy as that. An example of that would look like this- *127*01*080521382241# and then press the send button. 

You can also share data by sending a message to 127. It’s an easy process as well. All you have to do is:

Type Share [friends number] send to 127 e.g share 08052138241 send to 127. 

With just that, you’d have successfully shared data with your friend, family and someone you love

As a BONUS tip, let’s show you how to unshare data as well. That is, how to stop people from using your data. In this case, someone you’ve shared with before. The process is as easy as sharing.

You can decide to dial *127*02*[friends number]# or you can do it the text message way by sending Remove 08052138241 to 127.

The process is as easy as that. No complications. An effective and an easy process to show the people you care for that you care. An easy means to ensure that they stay connected, as long as you are connected.

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