How I Got My Two Months Old Blog Approved For Adsense In Nigeria (Adsense Approval Tips For New Blogs)

Here is how I got my two months old blog approved for Adsense without any delay. You can use the same method and get your blog approved too.
Before you dismiss this as a lie or just an exaggeration (as common with bloggers), let me clearly state that was started on the second week of May, 2019. It had its first blog post published ending of the same month and by 17th July, 2019, the blog was approved for Google Adsense.
It wasn’t just as a result of some “Luck”. I used the same method I used on it to get our church ministry’s blog FeedMeJesus approved for adsense when it was just 3 months old. Go check it out, the blog was created and had its first post ending of December 2018. By March, it was approved for adsense.
I have used the same simple method I used on these two sites to get other sites out there approved for my friends and clients even with very low traffic.
What is this method? You may be shocked to discover it is not some “mysterious” method that you can easily do on your own, It is actually very simple to do. Read below for more.
For easy understanding, I am going to break the post into three stages. You will do well to follow every one of the stages.
What To Do Before Applying For Adsense (Stage 1)
Like I said earlier, I have used this method several times and it has never failed even once. So just follow this exactly as I say it and see if it will not work for you.
First, create a post. Just one quality post of about 500 to 1000 words. This post must be solution focused, an explanation of how to do anything or how anything works. It can also be a celebrity gist about a trending celebrity (Naira Marley, Regina Daniels, Tonto Dikeh, Bobrisky etc) or show (BBNaija).
Hello bros, if you don’t know how to write a quality post, get real writers to do it for you. I’m sure it won’t cost more than 1000 naira to get a Nigerian writer to do it for you.
Once you have this post ready, save it somewhere ( we will use it later)
Secondly, go to Nairaland and create an account. Trust me buddy, that account is about to do wonders for you. If you already own an account on Nairaland then there is no need creating a new one. Your existing account will do.
Thirdly, create a new blog using WordPress and install the theme “Weaver Xtreme”. it’s free to download so don’t panic. If you don’t like the theme, you can change it once you’ve been approved.
If you are using Blogger, download and install the template “Elegance”. It’s also free to download. You can change it later after the approval if you don’t like it.
Get Your Blog Approved For Adsense Following This 5 steps (stage 2)
1. Create your legal pages (i.e  About Us”, “ Contact Us”, “Disclaimer”, and “Privacy Policy)
2. Write at least 10 solution focused quality posts with each not being less than 1000 words or 20 posts of about 500 words each. You can hire others to write them for you.
3. Wait for at least two months and apply for it.
4. Copy the adsense code and paste it on your blog
5. Wait for the approval
What To Do While You Wait For The Adsense Approval (stage 3)
While you wait for approval, here is what you need to do.
  • Remember that first post I said you should create earlier. Post it on your blog if you haven’t and then copy it to Nairaland and post it in any related forum category (e.g Religion, Webmasters, Family etc)
  • Do not forget to add your website link as the source at the bottom of that post.
  • Tag the Admins (Lalasticlala, Mynd44 etc) to the post so it will get to Frontpage on Nairaland. Once that is done, close your eyes and go to sleep. The next morning, you will receive a message from Adsense saying your website has just been approved for ads.

Before you conclude that this method doesn’t work, kindly note that I have used it several times to get a few sites approved and it has never failed me. Not even once.
So give it a trial and see what will happen , I assure you it will work for you. It looks too simple to be true but if follow it, you will have your blog approved for adsense in a very short time.

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