Adsense Verification: How To Verify Your Identity And Address Using Your Nigerian Voters Card (Pin Alternative)

“Can I verify my Adsense account using my Nigerian voters card?” You asked.
Yes, you can. In this post, I will show you how to verify Google Adsense in Nigeria with your voters card. Read on!
Google has now made it possible for you to verify both your identity and address on Adsense using your Nigerian Voters Card, National ID Card, Drivers Licence or any government approved utility bill. Here is a complete guide on how to do that.
Prior to this moment, many Nigerian bloggers and website owners were faced with the challenge of having to verify their adsense accounts using the PIN sent to their address by Google.
The problem with that method was that many people always complained of not getting the PIN at their specified address or having it arrive very very late.
With this new method, you can now verify your account within 5 minutes using your Voters Card. I’m not just talking about verifying your identity alone, I’m also talking about verifying your address as required by adsense once your earnings reaches $10.
Regardless of where you are in Nigeria (city, town or village) you can verify your address without the use of PIN, only your Voters Card. Below is how.
Verifying Your Identity And Address On Adsense Using Your Voters Card
Here is how to verify your identity on Google Adsense using your Nigerian Voters Card
Step 1: Take a clear snapshot of your Voters Card. (The “Federal Republic Of Nigeria” written on it and your face must be very very clear on it)
Step 2: Using Google Chrome on your device or any other browser, log on to adsense website and sign into your account.
Step 3: Click on the identity verification notification at the top of your account.
Step 4: On the next page, enter or edit your name to be exactly as you have it on your Voters Card. (Surname, First Name and Middle Name)
Step 5: Upload the scanned copy of your Voters Card on your device (the snapshot you took earlier). in less than 5 minutes, you will receive a message from the adsense team saying “congratulations, you have successfully verified your identity on Google Adsense.”
If it wasn’t successful the first time you tried it, repeat the process. This time make sure the image of your Voters Card is very clear and your names in your adsense account is written in the exact order it is on the Card
Having successfully verified your identity, adsense will mail you a PIN using the address you entered on your account. If you live the urban area, you may likely receive it within 3 to 4 weeks. Less developed areas may take longer than that or the PIN may never arrive at all.
There are two things you can do if you didn’t receive your PIN within 3 to 4 weeks. The first thing is to check the nearest post office to the address you entered on your account.
The second is to verify it using an alternative method which in this case is your Voters Card.
This second method is very simple, fast and powerful. All you have to do is to edit the address on your account to bear the the exact one on your Card and in the order it is written on your Card.
Once that is done, upload it to your account and your adsense account address will be successfully verified.
Still wondering how to do this? Follow the guidelines below to do it.
Log into your account three weeks from the day your first PIN was mailed to you and apply for it to be re-sent to you.
Repeat the process after another 3 weeks (that means altogether Google has now sent you the PIN 3 times)
Once you have re-applied for it twice, Google will start showing an option on your account for you to “Submit a form.” You will see this below that place you are supposed to enter PIN.
However, this “Submit a form” option can only be visible 3 weeks from the last date you re-applied to have your PIN sent to you again.
Once the button starts showing, click on it and follow the instructions there to upload your Voters Card again to your account (instead of a PIN). In less than 24 hours, your account address will be successfully verified.
In case you are still confused after all these explanations, below is an example of what I am talking about.
Assuming you got your identity verified and Google sent you a PIN to verify your address on January 1st.
Log into your account three weeks from that day which is on 22nd of January and re-apply for the same PIN. Wait till on the 12th of February and apply again for it.
By now Google is assuming you have had your PIN sent to you for 3 times now and couldn’t receive it.
By the 5th of March, you will begin to see another option to “submit a form” below the place you are supposed to enter the PIN sent to you.
Click on it and go ahead to submit a scanned copy of your Voters Card. Kindly note that the address on your adsense account must be exactly the same with the one on your voters card before uploading it. If it is not, go to your account settings and edit it before uploading it.
Again, take of the order the address appears on your card. If your voters card says “No. 9 Odekpe Street, Onitsha” do not write “Odekpe Street Number 9, close to Main Market, Onitsha.” It must be exactly as it is on the card.
If everything tallies and is showing clearly, I guarantee you within 5 minutes to 24 hours, your account will be fully verified. This is how I verified my account and those of my clients.
It is safe and 100% legal. Don’t be afraid to try it. It won’t hurt your account in any way to re-apply for the PIN. Instead it will fasten your chances of verifying it completely using your voters card.
I hope you find this guide useful. Please feel free to drop your questions here if any. I will respond to them as soon as I can.

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