Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Blogging And Their Honest Answers

Do you have questions bothering you about blogging you wish someone could answer? Find out if they are among the top 10 questions we answered honestly and in simple terms on blogging in this post.
If you discover your question is not among the frequently asked questions on blogging we dealt with here, please do not exit this page without leaving them at the comment box below. We will answer them as soon as we see them. You don’t have to worry about how to put your words; put them anyhow you can (just express yourself), and we will provide elaborate answers to them.
So, what are these top 10 frequently asked questions about blogging that will be answered in this post? We will follow the questions immediately with the answers. (You might have to read through all the questions to find the answers you have been looking for)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On Blogging And Their Complete Answers

Question 1: What is blogging?

Answer: Blogging in a simple language means regularly updating or adding new content to a blog.
A blog on its own is a webspace often bearing the writer’s (blogger) opinions, experiences, observations and so many other things.
A person who writes on a blog either as a means of making money or for fun is known as a blogger.

Question 2: How do you start a blog and make money online?

Answer: First, you need to decide what kind of blog you will be starting. There are different types of blogs out there. Entertainment blogs, Information blogs, Fashion blogs, News blogs, Business and Entrepreneurial blogs, Tech blogs and so many others.
Deciding on the type of blog (niche) to start ahead of time will help keep you focused and help you make money from it. You have not really started blogging until you have done this.
After on the type of blog to start, the next thing is to decide on what will be the domain name i.e. the name people type in their browsers to be able to get to your blog. For instance Infoguider
In choosing this domain name, I often recommend a minimum of two letters and a maximum of three words. The reason is for people to be able to remember the domain name easily.
If you have decided on the domain name or the blog address, the next thing is to register it with a good web hosting company that will as well host your website or blog on the internet.
Apart from the registration of your domain name, a web hosting company’s major role is to give you an internet space on which you can build your blog. This is where you can upload all the information you want people to see when they type in your domain name in their web browsers.
There are several web hosting companies out there, but the one I use and recommend is Domainking. 
The last but not the least thing to do after choosing your domain name and a good web hosting company to register and host your domain is to actually build and design the blog to your taste.
There are two major ways to do this, either through coding or the use of a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.
I often recommend the use of CMS, especially WordPress for starters and sometimes even professionals due to how simple it is to use and customize a blog or website the way you want. There are also so many reasons I recommend it I won’t go into listing them out now.
To set up this website in a professional way by yourself at this point without paying anybody to do it for you, you can read these highly enlightening posts on How To Start A Blog And Make Money Online and also A Step By step-by-step guide To Setting Up A Professional Website Or Blog In 15 Minutes.
If, after going through those self-guided posts, you feel you need someone to set up and design the blog for you, please feel free to Hire Us to do just that for you. We have a team of experts who can deliver you a highly professional blog within a week.

Question 3: Can I Do Blogging With My Phone, Tablets And Laptop?

Answer: Yes, you can. Especially if you are using a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, you can download and install the App on your phone and Tablet from the Google Play Store. Log into your blog from the App with your username or email and password.
From the App, you can write posts, install and update your plugins, customize your blog, view your stats and so many other things.

Question 4: How Do I Write A Killer Post (An Awesome Blog Post) That Will Rank On Google’s First Page?

Answer: To write a post that will rank high on Google and other Search Engines, you need to pay attention to the quality of your content.
This includes paying attention to the originality of your contents and references when copied from somewhere, the heading keywords, the length of your blog posts (1000 words minimum), the focus keywords, the meta description, the url keywords and internal linking.
One Plugin I recommend to help you write a post that will actually meet all these criteria is the Yoast Plugin. Download it from WordPress store and install it on your website. You will thank me later!

Question 5: Can I Really Make Money From Blogging Without Affiliate Marketing?

Answer: Yes, you can. There are over 15 ways you can make money from blogging. Though most beginners often start with Affiliate Marketing. I made my first money from it and still do till today. You can choose to go for any other option you are either comfortable or more knowledgeable about.

Question 6: What Is Google Adsense, And Why Does Almost Every Blogger I Know Attach So Much Importance To It?

Answer: Google Adsense is simply an advertisement network owned and managed by Google that allows publishers within the network to display (related) adverts on their websites or blogs and get paid for every click on it.
Google Adsense is not the only advertisement network there is; there are so many of them out there like Propeller Ads, Exponential Ads, UberCPM, BuySellAds, Adblade,, Chitika, Clicksor, Infolinks, PulsePoint, Tribal Fusion etc.
However, among all these ad networks, Google Adsense is the King. It is the most popular and widely used ad network in the world.
With a minimum payout of $100 every month, Google Adsense is the number 1 option for most publishers.
Although gaining approval for Adsense is not so easy today as thousands of publishers all over the world apply for it daily, it is a sure way to monetize your blog or website regardless of your geographic location.

Question 7: How Do I Get Ideas On What To Write On My Blog?

Answer: In blogging, there will come a time when you are faced with the challenge of what to write. To help solve this, you need to read wide. Especially other blogs in your niche.
I’m not saying you should go around “copying” other people’s content. But reading wide will help you learn how to develop what you already know into an interesting post.
Apart from this, you can watch videos on YouTube with topics that center around your niche and make a full post out of it, giving credit to whoever owns the clip.
You can as well observe your readers, find out what type of posts they often read on your blog and make a post around that line.
However, the best way to get ideas on what to write is to focus your whole writing on what you already know. What you are very knowledgeable about and then keep your eyes and ears open for things your readers might be interested in.

Question 8: Can I Start A Blog Without Spending A Dime?

Answer: Yes you can. There are several blogging platforms out there that allows you start a blog for free using their platform. Two of the most popular ones are (owned by WordPress) and (owned by Google).
While it is true that you can start a blog completely free using those two platforms, if your aim of starting a blog is to use it as a means of making money then you will have to seriously give it a thought before going for any of those options above.
The reason is because these free blogging platforms come with a lot of limitations that no serious (professional) blogger would advise you to go for them.
Apart from the long domain name your blog gets to bear like or, you don’t have full control over it.
The worst is that your blog can be taken down at any moment you go against their terms and conditions. It is a long journey I would never advise anyone to begin.
It is better you save a little money and then invest it in owning your own blog with a web hosting company.

Question 9: How Do I Increase My Blog’s Traffic?

Answer: There are so many ways to increase and drive traffic to your blog. The first is to pay attention to your SEO. SEO here is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization.
There are so many things that affect your appearance on a Search Engine like Google. Some of them are: your site load speed, quality of contents, authority, backlinks, originality of contents etc.
Paying attention to the above-mentioned things will help increase your presence on search engines and that automatically means more traffic to your blog.
Apart from search engines, you can generate more traffic for your blog from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so many others.
Online forums are also a good place to drive traffic from. To find out more about how to gain more traffic for your blog, please read How To Advertise Your Blog For Free And Increase Your Traffic.

Question 10: What Is The Best Online Payment Gateway For Bloggers To Receive Money And As Well Send?

Answer: There are so many online payment gateway out there but the most widely used and recommended is Paypal. The next is Payoneer.
People recommend Paypal because it is simple to use, fast and highly secure. Though there are other alternatives to Paypal that are also as secure.
Paypal has its own challenge that many people has complained of. That challenge is that there are countries where the use of this online payment giant is not allowed due to Paypal’s restrictions on these countries.
There are also countries where it is allowed but you can only use it as a means of sending money and not receiving.
But overall, Paypal is still the number one option for bloggers to receive payments online from any part of the world.
You can signup and own a Paypal account today, it will help make your blogging career easier.
I hope you find this post helpful. If you have any question bothering you about blogging that was not treated here, please feel free to drop them at the comment section below and we will do justice to it as soon as possible.
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