DSTV Subscription Packages For 2021


DSTV is one of the leading cable tv networks in Africa as a whole.

The Digital Satellite Television, is highly praised for its numerous TV channels which serve interesting programmes from around the world to Nigeria and Africa at large.

Particularly, it is the Sports lovers’ favourite, as it features football matches across different leagues and other top sports.

In addition, they offer one of the cheapest TV subscriptions in Nigeria. Although December 2020 saw them increase their prices due to the new VAT rate in Nigeria, their prices are fair.

Have you heard of the various DSTV subscription packages for 2021? This article brings you just that.

DSTV Subscription Packages 2021

The satellite station has a range of plans that are inclusive of all social classes.
Some are cost-friendly and others are expensive, but they all have good value for their respective prices.

Currently, DSTV has 6 subscription packages and 2 add-on packages for your pleasure.

  • DSTV Premium
  • DSTV Compact plus
  • DSTV Compact
  • DSTV Confam
  • DSTV Yanga
  • DSTV Padi
  • DSTV French
  • DSTV Indian

It was supposed to be more than these but unfortunately, DSTV Access and DSTV Family were discontinued.

DSTV Premium

This is the most expensive and extensive DSTV subscription plan. It allows access to all DSTV channels, features 100% of English premier league matches, has exclusive HD channels at no extra cost.

Subscribing to this, you get 175+ channels including:
17 Nigerian channels
26 Entertainment channels.
5 Novellas
11 Movie channels
14 Documentary, lifestyle, and education channels
14 Sports channels
14 News channels
13 Kids channels
7 music channels
9 local channels
24 HD channels
18 African channels
11 religious channels
15 European and Asian channels
And 53 radio channels

Such a wide range of options to choose from right? It is impossible to miss out on entertainment and everything else the satellite offers.
It is priced at N18,400 per month and N202,400 per annum.

DSTV Compact Plus

This subscription has 155+ channels exempting a few sports and movie channels that are available on the premium package.

With it, you get 90% of EPL matches, Bundesliga, Spanish la Liga, Rugby, golf, tennis, athletics, boxing, motorsport, e.t.c.

You can catch all the UFC action as well as NBA and NFL updates.

You get to pay N12,500 per month and N136,400 per year.

DSTV Compact

It is a lite version of DSTV Compact Plus, with 135+ channels.

It is a cost-effective package, where you may not get as many channels, but you can enjoy lots of sports and entertainment channels.

You can catch up with the English premier league, WWE, blockbuster movies news, and reality and lifestyle shows.

It goes for N7,900 per month and N86,000 per annum.

DSTV Confam

This is the third cheapest bundle. It is the perfect choice for families; among its 120+ channels, there is something for everyone in the family.

The mums can watch their Novellas, dads and the boys can have sports channels and the kids can be very much entertained.

It only costs N4,615 for a month and N50,765 for a year.

DSTV Yanga

This package was introduced this year and is offers expanded entertainment with 95+ channels.

The sport and movie channels are reduced to 4 and 3 respectively, but you still get to catch up in news, documentary and interesting Nigeria and African channels.

It is affordable and goes for N2,565 per month and N28,215 per annum.


This is the most affordable subscription deal going for N1,850 per month and N20,350 per year.

It is basically for the busy Nigerian who has little time for television with clearly selected 40+ channels to keep him abreast in his little TV time – with news, sports highlights, and entertaining movies.

Add Ons

DSTV has 2 add-on subscription bundles: DSTV Indian and DSTV French.

Dstv Indian has 15+ channels including a movie channel, an Indian and European channel, 2 local channels, 6 African channels, 4 religious, and 11 audio channels.

DSTV French comes with 16 European and Asian channels.

You can pay for any of the above packages via internet banking, quick teller, mobile money, easy self-service, e-transact, globalpay or you simply walk into a day outlet.

These are the DSTV subscription packages for 2021. I hope this helps.

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