Airtel Super Free Browsing Data Codes (Get Huge Gigabytes Of Data At The Lowest Prices Ever)


Are you an Airtel customer in Nigeria? Today is your lucky day!

Let me show you how to browse the internet for free on Airtel network and also get the most affordable data plan subscriptions on  the network with ussd codes.

The good thing about these codes I’m about to show you is that you can dial them as many times as you want, thereby accumulating massive gigabytes of data for yourself to browse, chat and download your favourite movies.

Check them out below!

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How To Get 500MB, 2GB And 8GB Data Free On Airtel Network

Airtel is rewarding their loyal customers with huge gigabytes of data to access the internet and download their favourite movies.

If your SIM is eligible, you are going to receive free 500MB, 1GB, 2GB or 8GB data from the telecommunication network.

For me, I was able to get 1GB data on my first SIM and 500MB on my second one. A friend who used the same method got 2GB on his own SIM.

I also read of someone receiving free 8GB on his own. It all depends on eligibility. If you are eligible, you might just be rewarded with enough data play games online, stream football matches or even download your favourite movies.

To get free gigabytes of data from Airtel for browsing, simply type “JOIN” in your text message box and send it to 141.

In less than 3 minutes, you will receive a congratulatory text message from Airtel alongside 500mb, 2gb or 8gb data which will last for 1 week.

Note: you can only receive it once. If you have been given before, you won’t be given again.

Cheapest Data Subscription Codes On Airtel Network (The Latest Ones)

The following are the most recent Airtel data plan subscription codes to dial and get huge megabytes of data on your SIM:


This code rewards you with 9GB of internet data after you have upgraded your SIM card to Airtel 4G Sim.

If you have not upgraded your SIM and dial the code, you will be given 4.5GB instead which will last for a month.

The moment you upgrade your SIM, you qualify for the 4.5GB extra bonus which will sum the data to 9GB.

To check your balance dial *140# and wait for the text message alert from the telecom network.

The price for this data plan is N2000.


This code gives you 50 megabytes of data for just N50 which lasts only a day.


This gives you about 100mb at the rate of N100. The plan also lasts for a day only.


This code gives you 1GB of data at an affordable plan of N300. It also lasts for a day.


This code is for 6GB at the rate of N1500. This is recommended for those who are are searching the internet for cheapest Airtel data plan code.

With this you can download as many movies as you want and stay online all week. The plan expires after 7 days.

Airtel Night Plan

This plan allows you access to 500mb for just N25 on Smar Trybe. You can dial the code at least 2 times to accumulate more data.

The Airtel Night Plan works only from 12pm in the night to 6am in the morning. So ensure you exhaust it before it expires for the day.

To get it, simply dial *312# to begin.

In Summary

Have you been searching online for how to get free data or mb on Airtel?

Are you interested in latest Airtel “cheat” codes?

Do you want to know the cheapest data plan subscription codes on the mobile network?

I hope you find the information here useful.

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