RIA Money Transfer: How To Send Money To India In Nigeria


In this guide, I will show you how to send money to India via RIA money transfer services.

Sending money to your loved ones overseas – either for schooling, payment of bills, or as a gift – can be a joyful thing.

It used to be an arduous process until the advent of cross-national money transfer services which have made it less cumbersome, fast, and efficient.

Are these services available in and for all countries? Of course yes.
Even in India? Very yes.

If you are looking for a simple and secure way to send money to your loved ones in India, you’re in the right place.

Today, you will either learn for the first time or get more details about how to send money to India via RIA.

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The company called ‘RIA’

RIA is a money transfer service that commenced operations in New York City in 1987 with a passion to help people send money to family and friends in distant places.

Today, its wings cover various countries of the world. RIA currently has 447,000 stations in 160 countries including Spain, France, Malaysia, Belgium, Australia, the Middle East, and our country of interest, India.

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How to send money online to India with RIA

You can send money through the company’s website, app, or in a physical RIA location.

Below is how to do it online:

1. Log on to the official RIA money transfer website, app or visit their cashpoint.

2. Select the money transfer option.

3. Fill in the name, address, country and phone number of the receiver. You may also fill in their bank name and account number in India.

4. Add your payment info: the amount you intend sending and how your means of payment.

(You can choose to do that using your credit or debit card or via your Nigerian bank account. Choosing to do it through your card is always the better option)

5. Select how the recipient will receive the cash. This can be: 

  • Via bank account in India. It costs less and takes about 4 days for that person to receive it.
  • Pick up from the closest RIA money station to his/her address in India
  • Home delivery of physical cash isn’t available in India.

6. After filling in all these details, hit Send.

(You will be told the charges required for the transaction, however, you get no fee for your first transfer)

7. You will be given a pin at the confirmation of the transaction, which the recipient would have to present at the cashpoint (if he is to pick it up at a RIA station).

8. You can track your money until it gets to the recipient.

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Important Things to Note When Transferring Money To India Through RIA

The total cost depends on the amount you’re sending and the method of transfer too.

You are required to send in dollars, so make sure to check the exchange rates between the dollar and INR.

You can only send $2,999.99 per money transfer, per day online. However, the maximum limit is $7,999.99 in 30 days.

A larger amount will require you to visit a physical RIA station with additional information and documentation.

The transfer can be done at any of their cash points, found in almost all Nigerian banks.

A transaction can be cancelled and you will receive a refund.

RIA Customer Care Number

Knowing we do not play around with transactions involving money. You can always reach out to the company when something goes wrong.

Call: 1-877-443-1399

Or fill the contact form on their website: riamoneytransfer.com

In Summary

I have provided you with a comprehensive guide on how to use RIA for money transfers to India.

Enjoy speed and comfort as you send money to your relatives.

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