Auction Export: How To Buy New & Used Cars From US/Canada And Ship To Nigeria


Auction Export is one of the leading auto export companies in the world. A big player in the automobile industry, the company is famous for its exportation of cars to anywhere across the globe.

Want to learn about Auction Export cars? Are you searching online for how to buy cars from Auction Export in Nigeria? You’ve come to the right page. This guide features how to buy new/used cars from US and Canada to Nigeria with Auction Export. Read on!

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How Reliable Is Auction Export? An Honest Review

For many years, Auction Export has served the North American region, working with car dealers from different parts.

So, how real is Auction Export?

In an online poll that dates back to 2014 on Nairaland, 8 out of every 10 customers that have purchased cars from Auction Export rated them positively.

According to a review by @Sholatech, Auction Export is “definitely reliable. You just need to understand how they work. I bought twice from them in 2013 and went perfectly well.”

Another customer with the username @ExpressBooking, said “Auction Export is over reliable. They are based in Canada but operate mainly in the United States and Canada. I have bought six cars from them since march 2013 that I registered with them.”

Testifying to the company’s trustworthiness, a Nairaland user with the moniker @Lamexx said “I can say that Auction Export is very reliable. I hesitated to deal with them too but since I started doing business with them trust me they are quite trustworthy”

In the midst of all these massive positive reviews of the company, a few Auction Export customers, have also complained of experiencing delays in deliveries and feedbacks from the company. These they also admitted, may be as a result of the long list of customers the company has to attend to on a daily basis.

In my own opinion, I’ll advise you do your own research and then come to a decision on whether you should buy from the company or not.

How Do I Buy A Car From Auction Export?

To buy a car from Auction Export, simply follow the steps below:

 1. Visit Auction Export website

 2. Select your choice of car from the old or new cars posted on the platform. You can also search for the particular model you have in mind if you don’t like any of the ones on the homepage.

 3. Click on the “Buy Now” to purchase it immediately or “Make Bid” to join the auction.

 4. Login with your email address and password or click on “Register” to create a new account.

 5. Select your payment option and fill in the necessary details.

 6. Complete the process by making the payment. A confirmation email alongside other information will be sent to you.

 7. Wait the Auction Export car to be delivered to you. While waiting, you can monitor the progress by tracking the car.

That’s how to buy a car from Auction Export.

Another alternative is to visit their Head Office in Nigeria and have the customer care agents there assist you with buying the car of your choice.

The office is located at No. 52 Bornu Cres, Apapa Quays 102272, Lagos

Final Words

Auction Export is a US-based automobile company operating mainly in the North American region. The website is known for its auction cars in Canada and several parts of the world.

Their cars include old and new cars, salvage cars, accidented cars, prestige cars, luxury cars and so on.

Have you been searching online for how to buy a car from Auction Export in Nigeria?

I hope you find this information useful.

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