MTN Data Transfer Code: How To Share MTN Data

This article will be beneficial to all those who will like to share or gift data to their friends and family. It will show you MTN Data Transfer Code and how to share MTN Data with it.

Presently, he who has data controls the world.

Well, maybe not literally, but the recent trend has demanded from everyone an almost constant online presence; from managing business pages, to research, and maintaining contact with loved ones, there are countless reasons why you have to be online.

For this reason, service providers seek to satisfy their customers by introducing new data plans and packages.

MTN Share Data

MTN has a service that allows you to share your existing data with your friends and loved ones.

And it is called ‘MTN data gifting’.

In MTN data gifting, there are two packages:

  • Dash me data
  • MTN data Transfer

MTN Dash Me Data

This package allows you to send a data request to your friend and they can buy data on your behalf.

The charges are laid on the friend’s account.

  • To send a request, simply dial *131*7*3#
  • To gift data to a friend, dial *131*7*2#

You can gift daily, weekly, monthly, bimestrial, and trimestrial plans.

MTN Data Transfer

Now let’s get to the gist of this article.

With MTN Data Transfer, you can be that generous sister, brother, friend, or lover who answers the data needs of your loved ones.

And not just that, you can also send data to your other smartphones, modems, and tablets, of course, they have to be MTN subscribers too.

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How To Transfer Data On MTN

It’s so simple that after learning it this one time, you’ll have muscle memory of what to do.


You can use direct USSD code to send or transfer data to any MTN number.

To do that, dial *131*7*1# and follow the prompts as it pops up on your phone screen.

Phone Dial

You can dial from your phone, the following:

*131*phone number*data amount#

Text Messaging

You can just text “Transfer(space) phone number(space)data amount” to 131

Any other step?

No. That’s all. No pin. No extra charges.

  • However, there are a few things to note about MTN Data Transfer:
  • You can only transfer a maximum of 500MB at once and 1GB daily. You can’t transfer a one-month plan or other large data bundles.
  • There must be a minimum of 50MB in your data balance after transfer. So if you have 100MB, you can only transfer 50MB, not 100MB.

I know that you’re such a generous soul, but you are only allowed a maximum of two transfers in one day.

What if you have multiple data bundles on your account, which one can you transfer from? 

You can only transfer the newly subscribed data.

What if I have a monthly data balance of 170MB and a recharge data bonus of 20MB, can I combine them to send 190MB? 

No. You cannot combine data from multiple bundles.

You will be unable to auto-renew any data transferred to you.

If you have an existing data bundle before you received a data transfer, the transferred data will deplete first.

That’s all. I told you it was easy.

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Now that you have discovered MTN Data Transfer Code and how to share MTN Data, feel to let everyone around benefit from your liberality.

Part of the ways to do that is by sharing this article online with your friends on social media platforms.

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