Best Make-Up Artists In Nigeria And Africa 2022

Since the pioneering work of House of Tara, makeup artist services have expanded and in recent trends, have become important in beauty and fashion. 

In this article, you’ll find a list of the best makeup artists in Nigeria and Africa 2022. This includes artists based in Lagos, Abuja and several other places in Nigeria and then some Ghana, South Africa and so on. Keep reading!

Who doesn’t want a face beat?

Really who?

Right now, the makeup industry is seeing such a boom, because there is a craze for a flawless look for that wedding, birthday shoot, owambe turn-up, or for professional uses.

It is best not to fall into the hands of an unprofessional artist whose specialty is a caked and artificial look.

However, a good makeup artist enhances your natural beauty and is only known from their portfolio comprising the looks of different clients and not just themselves.

So let’s get right into it, beginning with Nigeria. Once we’re done, we head straight to Africa as a whole.

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Who Is The Best Makeup Artist In Nigeria Presently?

The following are the top 10 best makeup artists in Nigeria at the moment:

1. Banksbmpro

Banke Mashida Lawal is currently the best makeup artist in Nigeria and the owner of the makeup brand BMPRO. Her art is known to be simple, classic, and done to perfection. 

2. Bibyonce

Bebe Omagbemi is the most sought after makeup artist in Nigeria, some even tote her as the best. 

She is detail-oriented and has an understanding of colours and natural hues for all manner of skin tones.

3. Anita Brows

The brand is owned by Anita Adetoye who is also a surgeon and beauty educator. She has a great knowledge of the human face that produces a beautiful sight.

4. House of Tara

The forerunner of professional makeup in Nigeria and the most popular.

They are said to produce near perfection artistry and it’s seen in the flawless faces of their clients. 

5. Bare to Beauty

The brand is owned by Okoronkwo Delphine and her signature is the glossy lips. She produces an evenly toned look and she is famous for using her products. 

6. Radiez by Eve

She has some big clients like Rita Dominic, Dakore Akande, and Kate Henshaw. She maintains a natural skin colour without heavy use of foundation and concealer. 

7. Jide of St Ola

Yeah, we will not be surprised to see a man on the list and believe me he is good. 

Olajide Okerayi is one of the best make-up beats and he has such a great understanding of the female’s face and skin, giving you a beautiful look.

Having seen the best make-up artists in Nigeria, let’s see those ranked the best across Africa.

Top 7 Best Makeup artists in Africa 2022

The following are Kings and Queens of makeup in Africa as a whole:

1. Sam Fine

Sam Fine is currently the king of makeup artists in Africa and the highest paid too. 

He is an African American and has worked with some of the biggest celebrities, singers, actresses, and supermodels in the world.

2. Bimpe Onakoya

She is the artistic director of Maybelline New York, Nigeria. With over 11 years of experience in the industry, she is dynamic and creative. 

She has worked with top designers like Lacoste and high-profile modems like Agbani Darego. 

3. Joy Adenuga

She has a good eye for detail and knows exactly how to enhance the skin tones of her clients. 

Talking about clients, she has worked with global brands, top photographers, and beauty and luxury magazines in the UK and other countries.

4. Mashida Lawal

She has an international reputation for her flawless artistry as well as the quality of her cosmetic brand.

5. Kim Winterscale

The artist from South Africa has over 17 years of experience. She has worked with popular TV shows such as American idols and  ‘so you think you can dance. She has also worked with Westlife, Bill Clinton, and John Legend.

6. House of Tara

Trained in Charles Fox, London, the beauty company has made a name for itself in Nigeria, Africa, and the world at large.

7. Nancy Blaq

The Ghanaian artist was self-taught and she does red carpet glam, bridal makeup, and editorial makeup. She has worked with several actresses and actors, models, and musical artists.

Now, you have a list of the Best makeup artists in Nigeria and Africa 2022. You can check out their profiles and portfolio online to see their masterpieces.

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