Cheap Flights From Lagos To Abuja


The route Lagos to Abuja is a commercially popular one. It takes about 10 to 12 hours on land to undertake the journey. However, for those who highly prize comfort and speed, air travel is much preferred as it takes an average of an hour and 10 mins to get to your destination.

If you are one of such and you are looking to get cheap flights from Lagos to Abuja, then read on.

Direct Flight Airlines To Abuja

Nigeria has different airlines and some of them do a one-stop flight to Abuja, but some who do direct flights are:

  1. Air peace.
  2. Arik Air.
  3. Dane Airlines.
  4. Azman Air.
  5. Med-view airline.

Pricing for flights from Lagos to Abuja
It is recommended that when you discover a reasonably-priced flight from Lagos to Abuja, book it without delay because the route is very popular and the costs increase as seats on the aircraft are sold.

Prices for a voyage depends on certain factors, such as:

  • The date you are travelling.
  • How long in advance you are booking; booking for flights long before the date allows you the cheapest prices. An impromptu booking would cost you.
  • The number of available seats. 
  • The day of the week. 
  • The time of day.
  • The time of year.
  • Holiday periods

Cheap Flights From Lagos To Abuja

You can get a one-way trip to Abuja from Lagos for as low as N24,000 and a round trip for N47,000.

Here are two airlines that have the cheapest flight prices.

  • Air Peace

Air Peace is known for its all-around quality service and safety. It is also known to have the most inexpensive flights from Lagos to Abuja.

A one-way trip ranges from as low as N23,300for Economy class and N70,300 for Business class.

The pricing varies owing to the different factors we listed above.

Considering factors like an impromptu booking, a trip for – say – the next day would be as high as N60,000for a one-way flight and N91,400 for a round trip.

Booking a flight now for December would be as low as N23,300 for a trip to Abuja and N46,600 for a round trip.

While for other months and days, it could be N29,900, N33,000, or N55000 naira for a one-way trip and N50,000, N60,500, or N91,200 for a round trip, as various factors apply.

It is profitable to check their website ( for the current prices.

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  • Arik Air

Arik Air has built a name for itself in the Nigerian aviation industry. It also offers cheap flight prices from Lagos to Abuja.

A one-way trip can range from as low a price as N27,592 to N64,230 and a round trip for N48,000 to N95,000 as affected by the different determinants.

For surety, please check for the current prices regarding the days and times you are travelling.

Now, you know where you can get cheap flights from Lagos to Abuja, I hope this helped.

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