Check Out Lovely Photos From Around Nigeria As The Country Celebrates Her 60th Independence Anniversary


As Nigeria marks the 60th anniversary of her Independence, Infoguider has gathered lovely pictures from around the country for your viewing pleasure.

The pictures below portray the rich culture of the numerous ethnic groups found within the borders of the country. 

Check them out below beginning with the Igbo People of Nigeria and their cultural heritage- their dressings, food and festivals

An Igbo lady in her cultural attire

Men of the Igbo ethnic group wearing their cultural attire

Oji Igbo (Kolanuts): The Igbo people use this to welcome visitors and pray for goodwill.

This is Ofe Akwu or Banga Stew (Stew made with locally prepared Palm oil) and Rice.

Bitterleaf Soup: A very tasty meal of the Igbos

Oha Soup

Over to the Yoruba People of Nigeria. Let’s take a look at some of the pictures that portrays their culture. Beginning with their dressing code to their food and so on. Check them out below.
The Cultural Attire Of The Yoruba People
Asa Festival – a festival of the Yoruba

Ewedu & Amala: A very delicious meal of the Yoruba People

Let’s take a look at the third major ethnic group in Nigeria, the Hausa People. Below are pictures that show their cultural attire, food, marriage and so on. Check them out.
A Lady Wearing The Hausa Cultural Attire
Hausa Couple Wearing Their Attire

Groundnut Soup: A very delicious soup by the Hausa

Hausa Rice Cake

Check out some beautiful places in Nigeria you would love to visit. See their pictures below.
  • Eko Atlantic City, Lagos (Still in progress)

  • Kano

  • Port Harcourt (PH City)

  • Akwa Ibom Stadium

  • Akure

  • Jos

  • Enugu

I hope you enjoyed watching these pictures? Check out some of the countries you can visit as a Nigerian without visa

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