How To Open ClickBank Affiliate Account In Nigeria In Less Than 5 Minutes – Latest Method With VPN (100% Working)

How To Open Clickbank Affiliate Account In Nigeria

Do you need a working ClickBank account in Nigeria for affiliate marketing?

Are you searching on Google for how to create a clickbank account in Nigeria presently?

This is the right webpage for you.

Instead of downloading PDF and other ebooks on the subject that doesn’t help, follow this simple and  free guide to create the account yourself.

This guide features the latest working method to sign up for a clickbank account in Nigeria presently.

For those who desire to promote products and services as an affiliate marketer online and make money, clickbank remains one of the best platforms to do that.

Unlike Amazon Associates and other affiliate marketing programs out there, you can earns lots of commission from promoting and selling a single product through the platform.

That is the major reason everyone prefers their affiliate program to any other one out there.

The problem however is that Clickbank is currently not accepting Nigerians to become affiliates on the platform. But there’s a way out. And that’s what you will find in this article as you read on.

Click Bank Account Signup For Nigerians (What You Need For A Successful Registration)

Since Nigerian nationals are not allowed to participate in Clickbank affiliate program, the first thing you need to sign up successfully on the platform is a very strong VPN.

The second thing is a fake UK or American address. We’ll talk more about this, including how to generate the address. But before that, let’s discuss briefly what a VPN is all about

1. Virtual Private Network

By a strong VPN here, I mean a  powerful virtual private network. An active one.

When you access any website from any location in this world, the owners of the website can be able to tell where you are accessing the site from.

This is possible because your computer or smartphone browser through your internet connection (which is public anyway) sends out signals to those sites. Through these signals, your device’s exact location can be detected.

For websites that have banned your country from visiting or using their services, you can’t truly access and enjoy the platform.

To overcome this challenge, you will need to route your device’s internet connection via a Private Network instead of your normal Public Network.

That means when you access a website now, the IP address and location of the Virtual Private Network will be detected by the site instead of your normal IP address and location.

For instance, you can select a US-based VPN while in Nigeria. The moment you visit a website through that VPN, your current location will be detected by the site to be United States of America.

That is how VPN works. I hope you get the gist now.

 Best VPN To Use In Nigeria For Accessing Clickbank And Other Sites

There are several VPNs out there that you can use for this purpose. Both free and paid ones.

If you are using an Android phone, consider downloading any of the following.

  •  Turbo VPN
  •  Betternet
  • Thunder VPN

All 3 applications are available on Play Store and will offer you maximum privacy online. But in terms of speed, my favourite among them is Betternet.

If you want to access Clickbank through your computer, you can use Opera Browser VPN for that.

The popular browser Opera is built with a virtual private network that allows you to access any website without your true IP address showing.

To use the service, simply download the desktop version of the app and activate the option under “Settings.”

Once activated, the VPN icon will appear by the left at the top of the browser. Until this icons turns “blue” do not visit any site with it.

Once it starts showing the blue colour, then you can access whatever site you want with it.

Another option for desktop users is to download and install VPN extensions or add-ons on their browsers.

2. Fake Name Generator

You need Fake Name Generator for generating an American address that you will enter on the Clickbank signup form.

To do this, you will have to visit and select a Random American male or female.

You can also select a Random UK male or female.

The moment you select any of these options, a profile will appear with all the details you need.

For instance the UK profile below.

Adams Greene
61 Helland Bridge
Phone: 078 1788 7810
Country Code: 44
Email address: [email protected]

Now copy every information you generated on and replace the name, phone number email with your real details.

When entering the phone number, retain the country code and replace the generated phone number with your real one.

I hope you are getting the whole explanations so far!

By now, you should be able to successfully create your own affiliate marketing account on Clickbank using this guide.

But for those who would still appreciate further breakdown of the steps, let’s take the process step by step below!

Procedure For Opening A Functional Clickbank Account In Nigeria

If you desire to have a 100% working account with Clickbank and become a part of their affiliate network, follow these steps.

 1.  Go to Google Play Store and download a working VPN application or use Opera Browser Virtual Private Network.
 2. Open the application and connect to UK or American IP address (I recommend UK)
 3. Generate a fake address of the country you have chosen using FakeNameGenerator
 4. Visit and register as an affiliate.
 5. On the registration form, enter your real name and email.
 6. When it comes to your home address, enter the details you generated from and proceed.
 7. Remember to enter your phone number alongside the country code you selected earlier. Don’t add that first zero in your number. The country code should replace that (e.g. +44 701 234 5789)
 8. Finish the registration process and sign into your dashboard to start promoting products.

Congratulations on your new Clickbank affiliate account!

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In Summary

If you followed the instructions in this guide exactly the way they are, you should be having a fully active Clickbank account for affiliate marketing even as a Nigerian.

This method is 100% working and many users have confirmed it.

If your account is not approved after following these steps, consider using a brand new email address to apply for it again.

Becoming a Clickbank affiliate as a Nigerian national is usually not easy. But with this guide, you can get your 100% free account activated as soon as possible.

Enjoy your affiliate marketing journey!

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