Health Benefits Of Honey


A spoon of honey a day can help prevent quite some number of health challenges.  It is true that if you take a spoon a day, you will just be fine.

On this page, you’ll learn about the full health benefits of honey. Read on!

Honey is a sweet brown liquid usually made by bees from the nectars of flowers. The colors of honey differs and the sweet smell is based on the different flowers from which the nectar was gotten.

The thick sticky liquid which can be taken raw directly from the hive or pasteurized.  It can be gotten directly from the hive and stored or pasteurized and processed by heating to remove unwanted materials from it.

Most people especially aged and young adults love honey not just because of it’s sweet taste but because of it’s health benefits. It is very important to know that young children under the age of one should not take it. Unless when directly prescribed by a doctor.

Honey has wound-healing properties and can be taken instead of sugar. Honey is also a form of sugar, but taking it moderately is healthier. It is made of glucose, fructose and some minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and other minerals.

Health Benefits Of Honey

The health benefits of honey include:

1. Decreasing Diarrhea. One full spoon of honey of honey can reduce the severity of diarrhea. Research also shows that honey can block the actions of pathogens causing diarrhea .

2. Prevention Of Undigested Food. Taking honey with a cup of water can help to prevent or reduce undigested food. If after eating your meal and you feel very heavy and uncomfortable, take a spoon of honey and rest for a while.

3. Honey helps sooth a sore throat.

4. Honey helps to fight infections. Some underground infections without a known cure, can be reduced with honey.

5. Honey is very helpful to control or stop cough. All you need to do is to administer a full spoon of honey.

6. Honey heals wound. Rubbing honey on the affected area can help stop the spread of wounds. Mostly wounds obtain from fire incident.

7. Face masking. honey is also very active for clearing rough faces.

8. Are you having difficulty in sleeping or a stressful day? Honey can help bring your body back to normal.

9. Having difficulty in your vision? Pains in your teeth? Weakness and most importantly stress and stomach ulcer? You’ll find honey very helpful as it can help reduce the pains.

It is very important to note that children under the age of one or 12 months should not take honey because it causes  infants botulism, which is a serious food poisoning and can cause paralysis in infants. Young adults, adults and aged are also advised to take honey but not excess of it.

It is also very important to note that honey is not to be taken everyday as it can increase calories which can increase high blood pressure. You can take a spoon once or twice a week.

Finally, honey is a natural substance produced by bees. Care and proper hygiene method should be applied when processing the pasteurized honey. The raw honey should first be stored for few days in a bottle before consumption.

If after taking honey and the pains from your stomach persists or no improvement from your wound, it is important you see the doctor for further treatment.


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