Sites To Download Nollywood Movies (Latest List)


Fellow movie fans!! You’d agree with me that it can be hard sometimes to get the right sites to download Nollywood Movies these days. One cannot even get the right sites. Other time, it’s that the download even goes as far as pseudo downloading. 

When we try to play those movies however, we’ll come to realize that we have wasted our time downloading the wrong things. Our time and out data gets wasted in the end.

Nollywood movies have come to evolve in recent years in quality. Quality of actors and then the quality of videos too. Worthy of remark and worthy of accolades too. This has increased the demand of Nollywood movies by viewers. 

This is why I’ll be giving you some of the best sites to download Nollywood movies in good quality.


Many of the sites that I’ll be sharing with you are not singularly sites to download Nollywood movies alone, they are sites that can be used to download Ghanaian movies and even Hollywood movies.

Now let’s look at the sites. They include:


IbakaTV is one of the most well-known places to get good and quality Nollywood movies. They provide the latest Nigerian movies. 

You can get and download movies from their app as well. It’s an easy and efficient platform to get good and quality Nollywood movies.


This is arguably the biggest site to download Nollywood movies. Iroko tv has built a reputation for themselves over the years. 

They are well-known to provide quality and in large quantities too. They have an app available to meet your needs and they provide the latest Nollywood movies readily to download.


3. NetNaija

This is another well known platform to get Nollywood movies from. They provide both Nollywood and Hollywood movies. 

This is one of the easiest platforms to get what you want in a fast and trusted pace.

4. 9jaFlava

This one is basically on the lips of many people basically because they have built a trusted name for themselves over the years. 

They are not just know for providing quality movies, they are also known for providing quality music too. With 9jaFlava, you can get access to the latest movies as well as the latest songs. 

5. NollyLand

This is another well-known sites. They are known not just in Nigeria but in Africa. They are well stocked with good Nollywood movies for your viewing pleasure. You can stream and download from the site. 

6. NaijaOnPoint

This is a site that allows you to download Nollywood movies for free. They have the latest movies and the oldies as well at their disposal.

Other sites you can get good and quality Nollywood movies includes:

7. Wapbase

8. DeloniferaTv

9. YouTube

10. NaijaPals

So there you have it people, we provided you with ten (10) sites to download Nollywood movies. With these sites in mind, you are sure to have an amazing journey with the Nollywood movies you love.

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