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Education has proven to be one of the most important pillars of the society. Getting quality Education to the highest possible level is something that the average Nigerian aspires to. 

It is for this reason that a lot of agencies, both Governmental and Non-governmental have provided incentives and opportunities for Undergraduate Scholarships for young Nigerians. Here are a few scholarship opportunities for Undergraduates In Nigeria.

Types of Scholarships Available For Undergraduates

Academic Scholarships: These Scholarships are available for outstanding students. It is a reward system for those individuals that do exceptionally well in School, as a sort of incentive and encouragement to push harder and achieve more.

Indigenous Scholarships: Some scholarships are available to students from a particular part of the country, or State. These Scholarships are awarded to encourage students in that particular state or region to go further in their scholarly endeavors. Community scholarships also come under this category.

Scholarships based on need: These Scholarships are awarded to indigent students to assist them through school and take away the burden of financial commitments. Most of these Scholarships are all encompassing, covering both school fees, books, accommodation, and feeding expenses.

Athletic Scholarships: This kind of scholarship is awarded to an individual based on their prowess in a particular sporting activity. The end of this scholarship could be a study course outside Nigeria, where the said student could pursue their Education while training in that sport.

Scholarships For Undergraduates in Nigeria 2021

Some of the popular Scholarship opportunities available in Nigeria include:

  • PTDF Scholarship

PTDF is the Petroleum Technology Development Fund. The PTDF has a scheme called the Overseas Scholarship (OSS). It was developed to train young Nigerians in fields of Engineering, Geology, Environmental Studies, Sciences, Management, Law, Accounting, Renewable Energy, Information Technology and offshore related course in other to bring them up to speed with trends around the world. This is achieved by training them in top rated universities around the world.

  • MTN scholarship scheme

This scheme was designed to reward high performing students. The scholarship is awarded based on academic performance and can be retained till graduation. It rewards students in Science and Technology, as well as blind students in Public Universities. The awarded student receives 200,000naira into graduation, provided they can keep up their grades.

  • NNPC/Mobil Undergraduate Scholarship

This scheme is open to full time students in their first or second year in the University. They must be in the field of Science or Engineering, possessing SSCE or its equivalent, with five(5) credits in not more than two sittings.

  • MasterCard Foundation Scholar’s Program

This scheme is available for those students that intend to go ahead with their Education but do not have the financial capability to do so. It is a full scholarship comprising school fees, accommodation, books, and other scholastic materials.

  • UNICAF Scholarships

This Program was designed to offer those students with great prospects an opportunity to continue with their Education despite finances. It offers International courses with fully accredited certificates, at a low cost by encouraging online learning.

Final Words

The key to getting any Scholarship is to apply as early as possible and ensure you have all the necessary qualifications. If you’re looking for Scholarships for Undergraduates in Nigeria, hopefully you find this helpful.

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