How To Apply For Google Adsense & Get Approved Instantly + $2500 Monthly Adsense Earning Secrets For Bloggers Revealed

What if I can show you how to apply for Google Adsense successfully and make at least $100 every month from your blog or website?
What if I reveal to you amazingly simple Adsense secrets top bloggers around the world have used to increase their earnings from less than $100 to over $2500 every month?
I mean Google Adsense earning secrets that works regardless of the type of blog you operate and your country (UK, India, USA, Australia, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya etc).
What I will show you in this post has been tested, tried and fully approved by top Adsense earners globally. Just pay a close attention and use this same strategies to multiply your blog or website earnings to over 200% monthly.
For the benefits of those who are just hearing about the word Adsense for the first time, let me take a moment and explain what it is all about.
Google Adsense is simply an advertisement network owned and managed by the company Google that allows publishers (blogs and website owners) within the network to display (related) adverts on their websites or blogs and get paid for every click on it.
Google Adsense is not the only advertising network that allows publishers to monetize their blogs or websites, there are other ones out there that have great ratings as well. For instance, Propeller Ads, Exponential Ads, UberCPM, BuySellAds, Adblade,, Chitika, Clicksor, Infolinks, PulsePoint, Tribal Fusion etc.
However among all these ad networks, Google Adsense is the King. It is the most popular and widely used ad network in the world. This is due to reasons such as:
  • Low traffic requirement
  • Content related adverts
  • Different payment options (Paypal, Wire Transfer etc)
  • Timely payment (21st of every month)
  • Low or average monthly minimum payout ($100)
  • Attractive ad designs (easy to click) and responsive layouts. Etc.

The image below is a sample of what a normal Google Advert looks like.
 I’m sure you have seen something like this before. (Continue reading)
How To Apply For Google Adsense & Get Instant Approval
Because of how easy it is to monetize or make money from a blog using Adsense, thousands of publishers around the world apply for it daily.
These much applications make it difficult for new bloggers or site owners to gain approval from the advertising network. A common option new bloggers often go for after being rejected by Google is to patronize those selling Adsense accounts. But this is an option you should never go for.
Whether it is a UK Adsense account, USA, Indian, Nigerian, South Africa or any other other country, it won’t take long before Google will detect how it came about. And when they do, your account will not only gets frozen. You also stand a chance of being banned from applying for Adsense for life.
Adsense approval is not always easy to get due to mass number of people that are applying for it daily. However, there are few things you can put in place before applying for it to increase your chances of being approved. Those things are:
  • Ensure You Have At Least 10 to 20 Post On Your Blog

You may not see this under Adsense requirements on Google webmasters page. But experts (top earners) have advised it is better to wait till you at least up to 20 meaning posts with at least 1,000 words minimum on each of them before applying for Adsense account to avoid being put on a “permanent” pending list.
  • Ensure Your Blog Is Not A New Blog

You stand a better chance of having your Adsense account approved faster if your blog is at least 6 months old. Google needs to trust your blog that it is not one of these blogs that come into existence only fold up before 6 months.
Although there are rare cases where they approve blogs that are not up to that but it is better to wait and keep working on your blog for some time.
  • Work On Your Traffic

It is true Google does not require huge amounts of daily traffic like other ad networks. And you will not also see any specific minimum daily traffic under their requirements for Adsense.
However, it has been discovered your Adsense application stands a chance of being approved faster if your website or blog has started receiving some reasonable traffic to it. And I don’t just mean traffic from social networks, I mean traffic from direct type ins and the Search Engine, Google.
Work on your SEO. Ensure your blog posts are well optimized for Search Engines. It will not only increase your chances of being approved for Adsense account, it will also help you to earn so much money from it.
If your blog meets the above requirements, you can apply now by visiting the Adsense link below.
And now to the big question, “how do you increase your Adsense earnings from less than $100 a month to over 100%”. Let me show you below.
Best Proven Ways To Increase Your Adsense Monthly Earnings For Bloggers
These tips below will work for any type of blog or website regardless of your geographical location.
  • Use Them In Your Post Notifications

This works best for blogs or websites with push notifications setup on them. Learn how to place your Ads on your post notifications. Every time you send out these notifications the ads come up in their browsers as well, making it easier for people to click on them and increase your earnings.
Believe me, this method will boost your earnings to over 100% every month.
  • Place A Google Search Box On Your Blog

I discovered a common trend among top Adsense earners especially file downloads blogs or websites like Filehippo and others is availability of search options from Google being displayed on their website.
I also discovered that every time a user searches for a file and clicks those options from Google search, it’s a plus to their Adsense earnings.
And the best part is, this can work for anyone. Not just the big names. Install a Google search box on your blog so that every time clicks on those search options from Google on your blog, your Adsense account gets credited by Google.
  • Integrate Your Ads Into Your Contents

Most times, we feel if we just place the ads on the sidebars or footer alone it will be enough for people to see and click on them. It is not always true.
Majority of the times people visit your blog, their attention is centred on the content i.e your blog posts, not just the sidebars or below them.
This is the major reason it is often best to make those a part of your contents, you position them in such a way that people can see and click on them easily using text links (in-between posts)
  • Increase Your Page Views.

By increasing your page views, you create more chances for people to click on your ads.
How do you increase your page views? It is simple. Using a plugin like Jetpack on your WordPress blog, you can setup your blog or website to show your most popular posts, your most commented posts, related posts and other options.
These are things people are easily attracted to read. That way, they get to see more ads from you -especially those between posts (text links)
  • Work On Your Traffic

Of course you already know the more traffic to your blog, the more your earnings. This is because your ads stands to be clicked more when you have more people visiting your website then when a few people visits.
I hope you find this article helpful. If you do, please feel free to share them on social networks using their icons below.
If you have any comment or question regarding this post, feel free to leave it at the comment section below.

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