How To Advertise Your Blog And Get More Traffic Without Spending A Dime (Best Free Advertisement Guide For Nigeria And African Bloggers)

Advertisement, as important as it is, is not always found among the plans of most beginners in blogging. This is one of the major reasons why amazingly informative blogs and websites end up not getting the exposure, traffic and money it is supposed.

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This article features the latest free methods to increase organic traffic on your blog and website. Get massive pageviews on your site per day at no extra cost. Read on!

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Although this lack of advertisement plans is common among beginners in blogging, there are also those who know the role advertisement plays and appreciates it. But the high cost of involved in venturing into it crippled them from making real plans for it.

This is why throughout this post today, I’ll be showing you how to advertise your blog or website without spending a dime. Of course I am going to be focusing on the best advertisement strategies, that top bloggers around the world has used over the years to grow their blogs exposure, traffic and earnings.
Trust me, this is going to be one of the easiest and most practical tips you will ever come across on this topic.
Best Ways To Advertise Your Blog Or Website Without Spending A Dime
Here is a list of the top “free” advertisement strategies to increase your site traffic within a very short time. (Number 7 is the most efficient method. Though number 1 – 6 are the easiest methods for beginners to start with)
#1. Word Of Mouth
This is one of the oldest known method of “free” advertisement that various bloggers has at one time used to improve their exposure and traffic.
Word of mouth simply involves the use of one’s mouth to tell other people about a blog or website and what they stand to gain by visiting there.
To do this effectively and get tangible results from it, you should never appear to be desperate or even beg to have people visit your blog. Advertisement don’t work that way. So you don’t end up leaving people with the impression that you are just a hungry man looking for a way to survive.
Instead, with confidence tell people what the blog is all about (the name, address, and niche) and how it will add meaning to their lives.
Don’t go beyond that unless asked. That way, you will create a curiosity in their hearts to visit. And when they do, chances are they are going to keep coming back if your site is really worth it.
#2. Guest Posting
This method of advertisement simply involves you writing contents (articles) for other blogs (preferably the ones with huge traffic) to publish it. In this case you become a guest author, writing contents once in a while for that blog.
Usually before publishing any post you wrote as a guest author, these blogs will include your name, website or blog and links (your web address) to the post.
Assuming you wrote the guest post for a site with at least 25,000 daily readers, there is a probability that 10 to 40 percent of that number will visit your blog.
If you have great quality articles on your blog, about 2 to 10 percent of that number will remain with you.
Another beautiful thing about guest posting is that as long as your articles are on that top blog (where you are a guest author), people can read it and visit your blog at anytime. Even ten years from now. Also, your blog’s visibility on search engines will receive a significant boost.
For beginners and those who have been around for some time, guest posting is a sure way to do “free” advertisement for your blog.
#3. Commenting On Other Blogs
Most bloggers do not actually enjoy leaving a comment on other people’s blogs no matter how helpful they find their materials. Especially those who are just beginning.
This is very bad as feedbacks (comments) have a way of letting the author know how helpful his article was and where to make necessary adjustments.
Apart from this, comments can also be a great medium to advertise your blog for “free” when properly used.
This is mostly done by entering your blog details (links especially) alongside your comment and asking the author and his readers to check it out and let you know what they think about it.
You don’t have to do this repeatedly on a particular post so your comments don’t get blocked as spam.
The traffic from this method may not be all that much but leaving your link there will also help your blog’s search presence on Google improve.
#4. Internet Forums
This is another means of advertisement that is completely free and safe for your website or blog.
In Nigeria for instance, there are several internet forums that can serve as a means of advertisement to generate traffic for your blog. One of the most popular ones is Nairaland.
With over 2 million Nigerians currently on Nairaland, generating good traffic for your blog from such a Forum is easy and worth giving a trial.
After making a post on your blog, you can copy the excerpts and post it on these internet forums with links for people to click on and continue reading the post.
I have used this method before on Nairaland and I still do. It’s very effective.
#5. Twitter Handle
With millions of people currently on Twitter, generating enough traffic for your blog from this social media giant is easy to do.
Although Twitter also offers paid advertisement for individual and business profiles, you mustn’t go for this at the beginning unless you have the money.
All you need to do is to create a Twitter handle for your blog and start following people and other blogs with it.
When these people follow back, chances are their followers may get to see your blog under Twitter suggestions and follow you.
That way, they can easily visit your blog when you share excerpts of your blog post on Twitter. One of the most effective ways to share these excerpts on Twitter is to link up your blog with your Twitter account. That way, everytime you share something new on your blog, it will be automatically shared on your Twitter account.
Ensure you fill out every detail about your blog on its Twitter handle, including its web address and contact email for maximum exposure.
#6. Facebook Page
Apart from Twitter, Facebook is another social media giant where you can easily generate traffic for your blog.
To do this, you will have to create a Facebook page for your blog and invite (all) your Facebook friends to “Like” that page. After that, you link up the page with your blog so as for your posts to be automatically shared on it.
Although Facebook offers paid advertisement too just like Twitter, you can ignore this as a beginner unless you have the money to go for it.
If your posts are helpful and not some “copy and paste” crap, before you notice it, your blog traffic will start improving due to visits from your Facebook page.
#7. Create Advertisement “Freebies”
This is the most efficient method of doing “free” advertisement for your blog. (I reserved the best for the last. Lol)
Although this method is not the easiest but it has proven to be very effective. Majority of the top bloggers in the world (if not all) still use it to generate traffic to their blogs.
This method involves the giving out of something in order to generate the desired traffic to your blog. In early days, the Queen of African bloggers, Linda Ikeji, gave out recharge cards and money to her readers (I’m not saying you should do this, its costly for starters)
There are several things you can easily offer your readers without spending much. For instance, an Ebook, a fully responsive Theme, a free Video Tutorial on interesting topics, a free webinar, weekly free access to paid materials or forums, Coupon codes (offering great discounts on products and services), Free Setup of Apps, Blogs and Websites etc.
Almost everyone loves freebies. That is why we keep searching the net and going back to places where they are offered us.
In Summary
Making plans for advertisement when setting up your blog or website is a very rewarding thing for beginners to do.
Not only will it help give your blog the exposure and traffic it needs, it will also help the money to come in faster. And that is even the best part (haha)
If you find this article interesting or helpful, let me know through the comment section below and feel free to share it on social networks below.
Should you have any question, please leave them at the comment section below, I will respond to them as soon as I can.
Thanks for reading!

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