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Christianity is the core of our belief system, so it’s no surprise that it sits at the root of our education. Indeed Christian education has brought a lot positively in the lives of students around the world. Christianity has brought light, big development and quality education around the world.

Dedicated Christians can attend any school they want but for students whose priority is to continue being strengthened in their faith, there are good opportunities to attend Christian universities.

There are so many prominent universities around the world, but there is something about Christian Universities that has made them unique and at the top of the best universities around the world.

Hmmm! What could that be? You ask.

Before I proceed, I would like to show you the things that make Christian Universities unique, excellent & among the best Universities around the world.

·        They provide superior academic achievement and they don’t stop there. They also prioritize self-discipline, manners, conduct and intimate relationship with God.

·        The moral character and strict rules of conduct of a Christian University helps greatly with maturing you into a responsible adult who understands how to live every day in God’s love and aid in solving difficult matters.

·        Christian Universities maintain a discipline environment. They integrate faith and learning.

·        They employ qualified and well-behaved lecturers.

·        They provide conducive environment, well ventilated building best equipment/facilities needed to make learning easy & convenient for the students.

·        They are best at lecturing the student.

Now, let’s look at the best Christian Universities around the world.



The best Christian universities around the world are:

1.     Liberty University

Liberty University is one of the best private evangelical university in Lynchburg, Virginia. It is one of the largest evangelical Christian universities around the world.

It is also the largest non-profit Universities in the United States, measured by student enrollment.

Liberty University believes in serving God and changing the world with education.

·        Type: Private

·        Location: Lynchburg, Virginia

·        Address: 1971 University Blvd, Lynchburg, VA 24515, United States.

·        Hours: Open, Closes 9PM

·        Phone: +1  855- 814- 8615


2.     Regent University

Regent University is founded on biblical principles and has been ranked as the best online bachelor’s programs in Virginia.

They offer both traditional classes and online courses that can be used to achieve different degrees like associates, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees.

They are also known as the most military- friendly school among universities that have more than 10,000 students.

·        Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia in America. Located a short drive from the water.

·        Degrees: They offer associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees.

·        Motto: “Christian leadership to change the world”


3.     Grand Canyon University

If you are want quality education and advancement of your career consider a degree from “Grand Canyon University.

Grand Canyon University offers online, evening and on-campus courses covering over 200 academic programs. The university has been in existence for more than 65 years.

·        Location: Phoenix, Arizona in America

·        Degree: Variety and affordable costs


4.     Fordham University

Fordham University is a Roman Catholic affiliated institutions.

They help in developing the students morally and intellectually.

They have strong Christian ethics. They are filled with heavy cultural richness.

The university has 16,000 students across nine schools.

Over 9,000 students are undergraduates.

More than 90 percent of the professors hold Ph.D’s

·        Location: the school is based in New York City. It is located in the city.


5.     Covenant University

Covenant University is one of the best Christian Universities in Nigeria. It’s also one of the best universities across the world.

The university was founded by Bishop Dr. David Oyedepo. It’s officially accredited recognized by the National Universities Commission, Nigeria. It was formally affiliated with the Christian–Pentecostal religion.

The admission rate range is 40% to 50% making this Nigerian higher education organization an averagely selective institution.

They make room for international applicants to enroll in their school.

·        Location: Ota, Ogun State, Nigeria.

·        Population: 6,000 to 6,999 students

·        Type: Private

·        Website:

·        Motto: raising a generation of leaders.

·        Degrees: bachelor degrees, master’s degrees and doctorate degree in several fields of study.


6.     Benson Idahosa University

Benson Idahosa University is a private Christian university located in Benin City, Nigeria. It is the only university in Africa with the United States National Academy of Inventors.

They have maintained the best performance by any private university in Nigeria in all editions of Nigerian Private Universities Games, Nigerian Universities Games and West African Universities Games.

The school was founded by Archbishop Benson Idahosa. A reason it is affiliated with Church of God Mission International (CGM).

Chancellor: Archbishop Margaret Benson Idahosa

Location: Benin City, Nigeria.

Type: Private



In Summary

The universities listed here ranks among the best universities you can currently find around the world.

Have you been searching online for best Christian universities in Nigeria, USA or anywhere across the globe?

I hope you find this list useful.

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