Angel BBNaija Full Name, Age, Biography, Child, Boyfriend, Instagram And Net Worth (Viral Videos & Pictures)

 Are you a fan of the TV reality show Big Brother Naija? Then you must have come across one of its most famous housemate Angel”. This page features Angel BBNaija’s age, biography, boyfriend, viral videos and pictures and net worth. Read on!

Who Is Angel BBNaija? What is Angel BBNaija’s Full Names?

Angel BBNaija is a female housemate in Big Brother Naija Season 6 (Shine ya eye). Her full name is Angel Agnes Smith.

She is the first female housemate to enter Big Brother Naija when the housemates were announced on the 25th day of July, 2021.

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Angel BBNaija Biography

Angel Agnes Smith popularly known as Angel was born on the 16th of September, 1999 (Age 21). She is a Nigerian entrepreneur and writer. She’s from Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

Angel BBNaija was born to London-based Nigerian parents, but she has chosen to live her life and make a name for herself in Nigeria.

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Her Educational Background

Angel Smith attended Das Highschool, Marywood, United States.

After her high school, she proceeded to University of Lagos to study but dropped out after two weeks of enrollment because of pressure, and she did it without the consent of her parents. However, she never attended any lecture during this period.

Angel decided to give school another trial after some time. She enrolled at British Lakhs House Foundation School, London to study Mass Communications but dropped out again.

Her Career

You know the saying, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Angel suffered from depression at an early stage of life.

She even began to harm herself in the process, but she came out strong. That depression drove her into writing and she liked it.

According to her, she always loved writing. She started writing at the age of 14, and ever since her passion for writing has grown greatly.

She improved her writing skills by taking various freelance writing jobs.

She even wrote a few personal books which she posted on her Instagram page.

The post generated lots of likes, comments and encouragement.

Angel BBNaija Boyfriend And Current Relationship Status

The 21-year-old feminist was in a relationship before going into the house. She told a story of how she lost her first boyfriend in 2019. Ever since, in her own words “she is single and ready to mingle”.

Like we all know the difficulty in losing a loved one, Angel has also made it perfectly clear that she’s not ready to go into a serious relationship until she moves on from the death of her boyfriend.

Angel BBNaija Net Worth

According to some sources, Angel BBNaija’s net worth is estimated to about $500,000. This is putting into consideration her successful writing career, business, massive social media followership and endorsement deals.

However, the likes of Forbes are yet to publish an official figure as her net worth. Hopefully, they will do that once she leaves the BBNAIJA show. We’ll update this page as soon as this is done.

Angel BBNaija Instagram Account

Angel BBNaija is on Instagram as Angel Smith. Her username is @theangeljbsmith with 481K followers.

Her followers increased greatly when she was announced as one of BBNaija housemates. You can follow her now on  instagram to view most of her viral photos and videos.

Angel BBNaija Hobbies

BBNaija’s Angel likes writing poetry, watching movies and sleeping. She also has a passion for storytelling and meeting new people.

The reality star wishes to show the public how well she can write by writing and producing movies – this is the major reason she auditioned for the BBNaija show.

Angel also loves tattoos and piercings; she has about eleven tattoos on her body with two piercings.

She has a unique fashion style, which she claims is responsible for people misjudging her.

Angel BBNaija’s Viral Videos And Pictures

Angel BBNaija’s videos and pictures have gone very viral for obvious reasons – the reality TV star likes entertaining her fans using very unconventional methods.

You can watch some these on BBNaija’s TV Channel, YouTube Channel or TikTok. You can also watch them here.

Take a look at some of her most viral pictures and videos below:

Below is a video of Angel BBNaija you’ll enjoy watching. Click on the Play ▶️ button to start.

In Conclusion

Angel BBNaija believes she is beautiful and funny when she is not under pressure.

She aspires to be a movie producer and scriptwriter, hence she believes BBNaija will give her the platform she needs to achieve her dreams.

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