How To Start a Music Blog In Nigeria Where People Can Download Songs From (Best Music Website Setup Guide In Africa)

How To Start a Music Blog In Nigeria Where People Can Download Songs From (Best Music Website Setup Guide In Africa)
Have you ever thought of starting a music blog in Nigeria where people can download songs in different formats?
Has it ever crossed your mind people are making serious money from the entertainment industry in Nigeria by creating music and video download websites?
Well if you are searching on Google for:
  • How to start a music website in Nigeria
  • How to create a music blog and make money online in Nigeria
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  • Easy ways to get traffic to a music blog in Nigeria and Africa
Then you have landed on the right page.
In this post today, I will show you how to start a music download website in Nigeria and easily make money from it.
Also, you will learn in this post where and how to get songs to post on your music blog so you can always have latest or trending songs for your site users to download.
Towards the ending of the post, I will show you how to add a voice tag to your songs so that when people download songs from your site and play them, they will hear something like “more music at”. Thereby promoting your music blog wherever songs downloaded from your site are played.
So if you are ready to learn everything concerning setting up a music website in Nigeria, let’s start with the first step.

What is a Music Website?

A music website or blog is a website where people can promote, play and download songs of their favourite artists in either audio or video format.
In some circles, this is also known as a music download website.
Examples of a music download website or blog in Nigeria includes: Naijaloaded, 9jaflaver, 360nobs, Notjustok and so many others.
Most music download websites also feature latest news, celebrity gists, events and music tip-offs as a way of getting traffic and keeping their fans updated with the happenings in the entertainment industry.

To Create a Quality Music Website In Nigeria, Here Are 10 Things You Must Do

#1. Get a good domain name
A domain name is the web address people will use to find your site. It is the address people type in their browsers to get to your music website or blog. E.g 
When choosing a domain name, a short, attractive and easy-to-remember name is always preferable.
#2. Host the domain
After registering your domain name with a domain registrar like GoDaddy, the next thing is to host it with a good web hosting company.
A web hosting company provides you with the space to build and make your site accessible from anywhere on the internet.
There are so many good web hosting companies you can choose from, I have made a list of them in this post Cheapest Web Hosting Companies In United States.
If you are reading this post from Africa, you can see Cheapest Web Hosting Companies in Nigeria and Africa to learn where to properly host your music website.
#3. Install WordPress
WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that enables users to create and fully manage a website or blog.
Through WordPress or any other CMS like Joomla, Drupal etc, you can control the way your website behaves, make posts and create download links for your site users.
#4. Install a Premium Responsive Theme
A premium responsive theme will give your site an amazing look across all devices.
It will also make it easy for people to navigate your site and find their favourite songs on it without a struggle.
You can find quality responsive themes both free and premium ones on and Themeforest.
A good example of a premium responsive theme that will look stunning on a music website is Newspaper 8.
You can also search through theme markets for other amazing ones.
#5. Create a Voice Tag for your songs
I mentioned earlier about the importance of adding a voice tag to all your songs.
A voice tag is the voice that often announces the website where a song is downloaded from at the beginning or end of the song.
For instance, when you download a song from the popular Nigerian music download website 9jaflaver and plays it on your phone, before the main song starts playing you will hear a female voice say “more music at”. That is a voice tag.
You can create a voice tag either with a male or female voice and add it to your songs as a way of advertising your website for more traffic.
(I will show you in detail how to create a perfect voice tag for your music download website below. Keep reading!)
There are two ways to create a voice tag peculiar to your website. The first is to visit a good studio and pay them some money to do this for you the way you feel is OK for your site.
The second method is to download and install a Text-to-speech software on your on Computer or Smartphone. After that, type in the words you will like to use as voice tag and save the audio version from your Text-to-speech software.
Open Virtual DJ software on your computer and use it to style the voice tag you just created using the Text-to-speech software the way you like. After styling it, save it and start adding it to your songs.
#6. Create an Album Art for your songs
The album art here is the cover image that shows on the screen whenever a song is played on phone, tablet or computer.
The album art often bears the logo and address of the website where a song is downloaded from. You can also find their social network information on it.
To create a cover image of your choice for your songs, you can use a graphics design software like Inkscape or Corel Draw. I personally use Inkscape though it is not as popular as the other.
#7. Signup & link your site to a free file hosting service
A free file hosting service like Google Drive, Dropbox, 4Shared and several others lets you upload songs and different files to their platform and give out the links to others for easy downloads.
You will have to decide which hosting service is best for you so you can always upload your files there and not weigh down your site with them.
To post a song you uploaded on these file hosting platforms on your site, all you need to do is to copy and insert the download link from where you uploaded it to your post. When a user clicks on the link, the file will be immediately downloaded to his or her device. It is that simple!
#8. Install an Audio Player plugin on your site
This will enable users play and listen to songs directly on your site before downloading them.
You can download a good plugin from the WordPress plugin directory and install it on your music website without any need for codes.
#9. Signup on Google Search Console
This is very important if you intend to drive majority of your traffic from Google.
Signing up on Search Console will ensure your music blog shows up whenever a user searches for a song through the search engine.
#10. Create Social Media Pages For Your Site
Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are a must to consider when setting up your music website.
Without a handle for your music website on all social networks, the site will struggle to drive traffic especially in it’s early stages.

How To Get Songs For Your Music Website

1. To get songs to upload on your website, you can download music videos from Youtube and convert them to audio using a software like Total Video Converter.
2. You can buy latest songs from popular artists on Itunes and upload them to your site.
3. You can also follow different musicians on social networks and always watch out to get their latest songs whenever they drop the download links.

Monetizing Your Music Website (Top 10 Ways To Make Money From a Music Blog)

Here are 10 easy and practical ways to make money from a music blog in Nigeria:
  • Signup for Google Adsense account and display ads on your site
  • Promote songs of upcoming artists for a token
  • Accept sponsored posts.
  • Let users pay to download songs on your site
  • Write and sell awesome lyrics
  • Offer voice-over services for clients
  • Organize musical training sessions
  • Partner with recording labels to promote local artists
  • Accept donations
  • Don’t be scared to try new stuffs

The Google AdSense option is usually the first people go for. You can start with it too

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