How To Start Poultry Business In Nigeria



Poultry farming business is the rearing of birds, mostly chicks and turkey for the eggs and meat which are used for commercial or personal purposes.


However, if reared for commercial purposes, I can say that poultry farming is indeed a lucrative business.


Each product if poultry farm are consumed daily by an average Nigeria. Eggs and chicken meat are eaten daily as source of protein among other proteinous food.


With these, your business won’t suffer because customers are always available.


Let’s quickly look at how to start poultry business in Nigeria in a nutshell.

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How To Start Poultry Business In Nigeria


·         Decide on which bird to rear


There are obviously two types of chicks you can rear; broiler and layers.


Broilers are chicks reared mainly for meat consumption. They can be raised in 6weeks and then they are ready for the market with a weight of 2kg if properly fed.


Layers are a day old chicks that raised for the production of egg and meat as well. Layers can lay eggs for two years before they get worn out. Then you can sell them at the market for meat consumption.


However, you can decide to rear the two species on your poultry farm. The method of feeding them do not differ. The only differences is that your layers are kept in a different pen from egg production. While the broilers are sold out as soon as they get matured. 


·         Learn the tricks of the business


Poultry business is not like every other business that deals with equipment or foods stuffs.


It is not an office like business too. This type on business is dealing with living thing, a very fragile kind of bird at that.


Which means that it requires carefulness, else they get infected and you may even experience huge loss of your chicks.


This is why you will need to learn the basic skills and tricks of the business. You need to know how to feed your chicks, what type of feed to use at each stage of their lives, how to treat them Incase of illness or infection, the best way to keep the pen neat and healthy for them, and the rest of them.


You will need to meet an expert in poultry farm who has dwelt long in the business to teach you all you need to do. Sometimes you may be required to pay for learning, be glad to do so.


·         Get a space for your farm


The next thing to do after you may have gathered all the knowledge you need is to get a space for your farm. For the space, you may need to build a pen or a cage depending on the quantity of chicks you intend to start with. It’s advisable to get a large space to enable them roam around. Also note that your pen location should be close to water source.


·         Construct your pen


Your pen or charge should be constructed in such a way that predators will not be able to get in. Either thieves or snakes, provide a guard for your chicks around the cage.


·         Get your chicks


To buy your chicks you will need to be careful at where you buy your chicks from. You also need to check out for ill chicks to avoid buying an already sick chick. If possible you can go with an expert who will help you check your chicks properly. It’s best to go for a day old chicks


·         Get feeds


The feeding of your chicks determines are well and weighty they will become. The feeds should be used adequately at each stage of their growth. Water is not an exception, ensure you feed them with clean water at all times.


·         Cleanliness


Your cage or pen should be neat at all times despite the fact that these chicks defecates regularly. What you need to do is get sawdust and use it on the floor. It will be way for you to clean up the place without getting messed up. Every three days, you sweep the place and pour a fresh sawdust. Cleanliness will help keep the clicks in good condition else they fall sick.


·         Marketing your chicks


This should have been done as soon as you get your chicks. Marketing your chicks means creating awareness that you are rearing chicks. As soon as they are matured for the market, selling them won’t be much of a problem.


For layers, you may not necessarily sell them out until they are due from laying eggs.




Are you looking for how to start poultry business in Nigeria? I hope this article meets you at the right time.

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