Polaris Bank Account Blocking Code: How To Block And Unblock Your Account And Debit Card

Polaris Bank Account Blocking Code: How To Block And Unblock Your Account And Debit Card

Are you searching online for how to block your Polaris Bank account or debit card using the Polaris Bank account blocking code?

You’re on the right page. Read on to learn how to do it. This page also features other ways you can use to block your account without using the Polaris account blocking code.

Due to the situation of the country there’s a high rate of theft and fraud. Especially online.

Have you noticed any fraudulent act on your account? Or was your ATM card stolen?

You have no reason to panic because technology has made life easy for people. Gone are those days you have to go to the banking hall to perform every transaction.

You can now perform most transactions remotely from the comfort of your home and this involves handling your account and making changes. You can freeze your account with your mobile phone or block your ATM card if it’s stolen or misplaced.

Here are the numerous ways to block your Polaris Bank Account Or Debit card

1. Via Polaris Bank Account And Debit Card Block Code

With the use of USSD code you can perform lots of transactions from your mobile phone and this include blocking your stolen ATM card.

The good news is that you must not necessarily perform this action with the phone number associated with your account. You can perform it using another phone number, there are some cases where your phone and the sim card might be stolen alongside your ATM card.

To block your Polaris Bank account or ATM card, dial *833*13# from the phone number registered with the bank. Your account will be blocked immediately.

To use this service with another phone number, kindly dial  *833*13*Registered Mobile Number#. Your account will be blocked instantly. 

This method is very fast and doesn’t cost a thing.

2. Via Polaris Bank Mobile Application/Internet Banking.
In order to ease the stress of customers, Polaris Bank has provided a Mobile App that can enable you to remotely control your account and perform transactions. This App is available for both android and iPhone users.

This Mobile App comes with some features which include;

Making payments and transfer within and outside the bank
Initiating international funds transfer
Setting standing instructions
Paying bills such as cable TV, Internet subscriptions, Utility, Transport and Toll
Toping-up airtime
Requesting for cheque book
Blocking your lost or stolen cards

In order to block your card using the Mobile App all you need do is to;

  • Log on to Internet Banking or mobile application with your user id and password.
  • Click “Cards”.
  • Select card number and reason for blocking.
  • Click Continue and wait.

3. Via A Phone Call Or Email To Customer Service Centre.

If you feel your bank details have been compr omised or you are getting unauthorized debit on your account or you misplaced your debit card. kindly call Polaris customer services on any of the numbers below
0700 75932265
+243 806 988 0000
+234 1 4482 100
+234 1 2705 850
Or you can send them a mail via [email protected]

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In Summary

Have you been searching online on how to block your Polaris Bank account or ATM card?

This page reveals how you can block your account and debit card using the Polaris Bank account blocking code *833*13#.

Other alternatives such as the use of Polaris Bank Mobile App and customer care service numbers are also discussed here.

The bank is always at alert to ensure the safety of your funds.

I hope you find this information useful, if yes, feel free to share with your family and friends, you might be doing a whole lot of good to someone out there.

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