How To Create A Youtube Channel In Nigeria That Will Pay You While You Sleep

Hi. Today on Infoguider, I will show you how to create quality contents on Youtube, get massive views and start making money online instantly through the video sharing service.
Let us face it, making money online is hardwork – especially through a Youtube Channel. But that is when you don’t know a few tips that successful vloggers have used to get to where they are.
I have put together in this post, a complete guide on how to become a perfect Youtuber and make your first $100 in Nigeria and any part of the world. Are you ready? Keep reading!
How Youtube Works
Assuming you have heard the word “Youtube” being mentioned several times but have not been able to properly understand what it is and how it works, let me briefly explain that below.
Youtube is a free to use video sharing service that allows users to watch, upload, like comment and share their favourite videos.
With about 300 hours of footage being uploaded on the video sharing platform per minute, it has established itself as the most popular video sharing service in the not just America, Asia, Australia or even Africa, but all over the world.
There are several other video sharing platforms that people use daily. For example, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Twitch, LiveLeak, Veoh, Break and Metacafe. But none of these is as popular as Youtube.
Ordinarily, a user do not need to own an account to be able to watch videos on the platform. But if you must upload videos, then it is required of you to sign up and create your own channel.
Apart from uploading videos, the channel also enables you to get comments, likes, and subscriptions to your videos and as well connect your social media accounts to the video hosting service.
How To Make Money From a Youtube Channel
Although the initial plan for this video hosting service was to provide a platform for people to host and share their videos with their friends and families, it has today become a source of income to so many people. With many making from a few bucks to several thousand dollars monthly.
By becoming a vlogger yourself on Youtube, that is, a video publisher, you stand a chance of being numbered among those currently earning some decent passive income from the platform.
Before you assume this to be a very difficult or impossible task and exit this page, let me guide you every step of the way by showing you how exactly you can make money from the video sharing service below.
1. Signup And Create Your Channel
Since Youtube is one of the products of Google, you do not need to create a new account on the platform if you already own a Gmail account. But if you don’t already own one, then you can go ahead and create a new one.
To signup, simply visit from your device and create your new account.
After you have signed up, build and design your channel the way you want using “attractive” banners and descriptions where necessary. Ensure you fill your information properly.
2. Target a Lucrative Niche
Just like in blogging, not every niche in vlogging can be said to be very lucrative.
You need to go for a niche that can pull the attention of people and attract great ads when you must have applied for Google Ads.
For instance in Nigeria and several parts of Africa, Comedy does very well. Of course with all that troubles her as a country, Nigeria is a country of happy people who enjoys watching anything that can make them laugh.
Americans from their views on Youtube, seem to be more interested in Politics and Tech related stuffs.
Italians and French views seem to be higher when it comes to Romantic videos. And so on.
My point is, find a video niche that works for you base on your location and passion and go for it. It can be Music, Health and Fitness, Fashion, Website and Tech related stuffs, Comedy, Politics etc.
One way to know this is by checking out the number of views videos under that niche are getting.
3. Record Quality Videos
It doesn’t matter your niche, if your video quality is not something to write home about, your next video will get little or no views at all.
The reason is simply due to the fact that people want to watch videos they can be proud to share with their friends and loved ones.
You can use video editing software (both online and offline types) to make your videos top notch.
Very important: Avoid uploading videos you do not have the copyright permission to do so. I mean avoid it like a plague. Your account may be taken down down if you are found guilty of this repeatedly.
4. Upload Consistently And Optimize Them
Decide on how consistent you will be uploading your videos and stick to it.
Do not in a bid to regularly upload videos, publish the types that are of very low quality. However, do not keep your subscribers waiting for too long.
Always optimize your videos by using attention-grabbing short titles, also use hashtags where necessary.
5. Increase your views by sharing your contents on social networks
Sharing your contents on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp etc, will not only increase your view, it will also help you gain and increase your subscribers.
Very important: Avoid buying views, especially from unreliable source. Most of those views being sold online are from bots and not real humans. It could cause you a lot of pain and embarrassments later.
6. Start Affiliate Marketing
One of the major advantages of becoming a Youtuber is the fact that you can use your videos to refer people to buy certain products and services probably from an online store and get paid by the after every successful purchase. This is known as affiliate marketing.
A good way to do this is by reviewing and adding those products links to your videos. To learn more about how this works, please see How To Make Money Online Through Affiliate Marketing
7. Setup An Adsense Account On Your Channel
Adsense now known as Google Ads, enables Youtube to display advertisements on your videos and you for every click on those ads or per thousand views.
Normally, there are two types of Adsense account that you can go for:
i. Hosted account: this is easy to get but it is limited to Google products alone.
ii. Non hosted account: unlike the first account, you can use this on Youtube channels, business and personal websites that does not violate the Adsense policies. To learn more about how to get the non hosted account, please read How To Apply For Adsense Account And Get Approved Instantly + How To Bosst Your Adsense Earnings To Over 100%
That is all about how to make money through Youtube for now. If you have any question or comment, I will be available to answer it. Please leave them at the comment box below.
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