MTN Beta Talk Migration Code & Benefits


The telecommunication industry has never seen as much competition as in recent times, with rival service providers creating new and repackaging old tariff plans to offer more value for lesser costs.

To stay relevant, MTN has introduced outstanding tariff plans which have captured the hearts of their customers. MTN Beta talk is one of these.

The plan quickly became a rave for its substantial gains, which luckily for you, we shall be talking about in this article.
So read on to know everything about MTN beta talk, its benefits, and Migration code.

About MTN Beta Talk

MTN Beta talk is one of the latest and best tariffs in Nigeria coming from MTN Nigeria.

The prepaid plan allows you revel in multiple bonuses on both calls and data bundles without breaking the bank.

Full Benefits of Beta Talk

MTN Beta Talk plan comes with the following benefits:

  1. 250% bonus airtime on every recharge from N100 and above. Simply put, if you recharge N100, your bonus account will be credited with N250, which is valid for 7 days.
  2. Recharging less than N100 gives you a 150% airtime bonus.
  3. The recharge bonus can be used for national calls and SMS to any network.
  4. You get 75 free SMS every week.
  5. You are rewarded with a free data bonus of 10MB upon your first recharge or first call of the month.
  6. You are qualified for the recharge bonuses regardless of the method of recharge, be it physical/logical PIN, VTU, MOD, bank, or Awuf4U.
  7. Unlike other tariff plans, MTN Beta talk is available to ALL MTN prepaid customers (new and existing). However, postpaid customers are not eligible for this plan.

Call Charges On MTN Beta Talk

Now, I had mentioned that Beta talk has affordable call rates.

Calls on MTN Beta Talk are charged at 42k/sec (N25.20/min) on your main account and 47k/sec (N27/min) on your bonus account.

Your first one-minute call of the day will be charged from your main account, but subsequent calls will be from your Beta Talk bonus.

Note that charges for International calls will be from your main account ONLY.

Data Bundles On Beta Talk

On the Beta talk plan, you have access to special data packages.

You can purchase 40MB for N50, and it is active for 24 hours. Unused data at the time of expiry can be rolled over upon activation of a new 40MB plan within the grace period of 1 day.

You can buy 250MB for N200 with a validity period of 2 days.

You can roll over unused data if you activate a new 250MB plan during the 2-day grace period.

Note that you cannot share or gift this data and you most certainly cannot use it on any other tariff plan.

However, if you subscribe for MTN Beta Talk monthly data packages, you can share it with your family and friends.

How to Migrate To MTN Beta Talk

You can migrate to MTN Beta Talk plan using any of the following methods:

  • By SMS: text BT to 131.
  • By Dialing the MTN Beta Code on your phone: to migrate, simply dial *123*2*1#.
  • Through myMTNApp: Login to myMTNApp, click on “other plans”. Select “Beta Talk” and proceed with the instructions on your screen.

A customer who just purchased a new sim can migrate to Beta talk and is sure to receive a ONE-TIME N1000 sim activation bonus which will be active after a chargeable activity from the main account such as call, SMS, or data activation.

If you migrate to other plans after receiving the N1000 bonus, you will still be able to use it. Such is the perk of MTN Beta talk.

Will you be charged for migrating?
Yes and no; Solely depending on if it’s your first migration.

You will not be charged for migrating the first time, but subsequent migration will cost you N102.

I hope you find this article on MTN Beta Migration Code and Benefits useful.

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