How To Open UBA Diaspora Account Online (Signup And Get Paid Referring Others)

How To Open UBA Diaspora Account Online

Are you searching for how to open UBA diaspora account online? This guide explains how you can successfully open UBA diaspora account on phone using  the account opening web engine on the internet banking platform owned by the bank. 

You don’t need to dial *919# on phone to create the account. just follow the instructions below and you will get it done from the comfort of your home in less than 5 minutes.

Before that, let me show you what you stand to gain from opening a UBA diaspora account especially as an entrepreneur or a worker living outside of Nigeria. You will be shocked at the benefits you have been missing not having one already.
I will also be showing you how to open one completely by yourself without any difficulty at all. 
If you follow this guide carefully, you will discover how important the UBA diaspora account really is and why you must open one today if you are living outside of Nigeria. I bet you are ready.

What is UBA diaspora account?

The UBA diaspora account is a type of bank account introduced by the United Bank for Africa specifically for Nigerians living outside of the country.
It is similar but different from a normal domiciliary account and here is how:
1. A domiciliary account does not require the owner to be living overseas. A diaspora account does.
2. A domiciliary account can be opened at any bank here in Nigeria, the UBA diaspora account is still to be copied by other banks. Which means you can only open this type of account as at the time of this writing at United Bank for Africa (UBA)

Why do you need to signup or open the UBA diaspora account?

According to the information available on United Bank for Africa’s website, the UBA diaspora account has so many advantages for whoever that may be interested in opening one.
Some of these advantages are:

  • Opening Balance of 100USD, 80EUR or 70GBP (approximately N36,000 as at the time of this writing)
  • Minimum operating balance of 100USD, 80EUR or 70GBP
  • Interest payable on account balance of 1000USD, 800EUR or 700GBP
  • Foreign cheques /instrument can be credited into the account
  • Allows third party withdrawals across the counter via nob clearing cheques
  • Withdrawal & transfer charge of 0.5%+VAT on amount withdrawn or transferred
  • Compulsory swift communication charge 24USD, 20EUR or 15GBP
  • Email/SMS alerts on account (e-mail alert is free while SMS alert is at a token)
  • Access Debit MastersCard or Visa Cards available on request.
Apart from all these benefits listed above, you also get paid an additional 13.88USD (about N5000) everytime you refer your friends to open the UBA diaspora account and they successfully opened one.

Imagine how much you will make if you can get 10 to 20 of your friends living outside the country Nigeria to signup for the account within one to three months. That is so much money buddy!

How To Open Or Signup For The UBA Diaspora Account

There are two major ways to signup or open the UBA diaspora account. I will discuss them below in very simple and clear ways.

1. By Invitation

You can open the UBA diaspora account through an invitation from a friend. This friend can be a relative, colleague, associate or just someone from whom you came to know about the UBA diaspora account. 

The person will be rewarded by the bank as your referrer.

The diaspora account opening is done by the “friend” either sending you a direct invitation via email from UBA website, with information on how to open the account, alongside the benefits or through other forms of invitations like on Facebook, blogs and individual websites.

If you are reading this post and will like to open this UBA diaspora account, I can send you direct invitation in your inbox via email. 

All you have to do is to enter your email address in the comment box below this post and you will receive a message from UBA showing I invited you and how you can signup for the account. It is as simple as that. 

Please Note: The UBA will pay me N5000 for referring you. But this will never in any way affect your money in your account either now or in the future. You can confirm this from the bank too. 
It is just a way UBA rewards my efforts for making this post and spreading information about them.

2. Through Direct Signup On UBA’s Website

Apart from being invited by a friend to open the UBA diaspora account online, you can visit the website direct and signup for the account.

You will be required to enter your BVN number, ID method, Utility bill, Work Permit, Signature and other personal details when signing up for the account. This is to help keep your account secured and give you the best of the bank services.

Below is what the diaspora account signup form looks like.

Towards the end of the form by your right, you can see the option to enter your referrer’s account number.

This is where you enter the account number of whoever referred you to the bank or from whom you come to know about the UBA diaspora account.

Since you are reading about this from me now, when you get to that place, please put 2071598925 and click on “verify” and my name will come up. 

This shows you have successfully entered my details as your referrer. If the name is not what you see there, re-do it.

FAQs On UBA Diaspora Account

Will Putting Referrer’s Account Number Affect My Money In My UBA Diaspora Account?

This is one of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that have been answered several times on UBA’s website.

The answer is “NO”. Entering the referrer’s account number in your signup form will not affect you in any way. Whether now or in the future.

It is a way United Bank for Africa (UBA) rewards their loyal customers for referring their friends to the bank.

You must not put this anyway if you are not still convinced about it. However it is best if you do so the bank can reward people for their efforts.

Can I Start Referring Others Immediately After Signing Up?

The answer is YES. You can start referring other people to signup for the UBA diaspora account as soon as possible. Provided you have an account with them.

Can I Refer Others Without Owning A Blog Or A Website?

Yes you can, however you do it doesn’t matter. You can read more about it in our post HOW TO GET N5000 EVERYTIME YOU REFER YOUR FRIEND TO UNITED BANK FOR AFRICA here on Infoguider.

How Can I Receive The Invitation Email From UBA to Open/Signup For The Account Now?

Just enter your name and email in the comment box below and you will receive the email in a few minutes.
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