Polldrama Chinese Drama: Where To Watch Chinese Movies With English Subtitles


Want to watch free Chinese drama movies online? Check out these websites listed here.

Chinese dramas are becoming increasingly famous, and a lot of people, including teenagers and adults, have come to love and enjoy watching them.

Sadly, the language barrier can be a big restraint especially when there are no subtitles. You do not want to know how that can be a complete waste of entertainment time…well, maybe you already know and are searching for a remedy.

So do we completely give up on seeing these Asian pictures? I say no. This article offers a solution by showing you where to watch Chinese movies with English subtitles.

Best Websites To Watch Chinese Movies Online With English Subtitles

There are different websites and apps you can watch Chinese movies on. While some of the sites do not offer English subtitles, there are others that too.
And they are:

1. Viki Rakuten.

Viki Rakuten is both an app and a website that offers free and accurate English subtitles to your favourite Chinese films, whether they be seasonal, or one-off.

Their app also offers free Chinese movies
When the website is opened, you are to scroll to the end of the page to select your preferred language for subtitles (English)
To visit their website, go to www.viki.com

2. Kissasian

Kissasian is purely a website where you can get the latest Chinese movies that you love alongside the English subtitles.
On this website, you can also search directly for the movie you want.

One very unique thing about this one is that you can adjust the subtitle speed, so it does not end up too fast or too slow.

To visit their website, click www.kissasian.li

3. Dramacool

The site allows you access to a large range of Asian dramas, movies, and shows with English subtitles in full HD, I mean you will not be disappointed by the quality.

It also has an app for Android phones on the Google play store.
Visit the site at www.dramacool9.co.

4. Newasian Tv

The website is considered one of the best to watch and download Asian films and dramas with English subtitles.
The movies can be sorted out based on their genres.

With new Asian tv, you get fast streaming, high quality, and a huge amount of movies to choose from all for free.

Visit www.newasiantv.tv to start watching.

5. iQIYI

iQIYI is both a website and an app that allows the streaming of high-quality drama, shows, movies, and animes for international communities subtitled in their local languages.

It has premium content and a VIP subscription for a certain fee, but it has good free content.

Although it is said not to have a lot of Chinese polldramas, it sure does have popular ones.

Visit www.iqiyi.com.

6. Youtube.

Of course! YouTube.

You didn’t think it wouldn’t make the list, now did you? YouTube has a wide variety of Asian films and they are sure to be subtitled in English.

You can easily search out their titles and stream live and in HD in the app or website.

Some other websites include:

7. Falldrama

8. Asian Crush.


Now, you know where you can easily watch Chinese Movies with English subtitles, I hope this article helped.

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