Qservers Hosting Plans, Reviews, Promo Code And Contact


Qservers Hosting Plans, Reviews, Promo Code And Contact

Are you searching online for Qservers Hosting Plans, Reviews, Promo Codes or Contact details? You’ve come to the right place.

This page features Qservers domain name registration and hosting plans review, their prices, promotional codes, customer care number and email. Read on!

What is Qservers?

Qservers is one of the leading domain name registration and web hosting companies in Nigeria.

Just like DomainKing, WhoGoHost and HostNowNow, the company offers Nigerians the opportunities to register domains and host them online at very affordable rates.

The company was started in 2004 by Seun Kehinde but adopted the name “Qservers Network Limited” later in 2005. Until then, it was known as Netbuilder Limited.

Qservers Domain Name Registration And Hosting Plans

There are 5 main hosting plans offered by Qservers, with their price ranging from N7,000 to N29,500 per year.

The web hosting plans are:

1. Starter

2. Business

3. Developer

4. Pro and

5. Mega.

Each of these hosting plans supports WordPress, Joomla and other Content Management Systems.

While the Starter plan is actually the cheapest and goes for N7000, the Mega plan is the biggest and most expensive of them all. It goes for N29,500 currently.

Each of the hosting plans has their own unique features. Just do your research and decide which one of them is best for you based on your website needs. However, if you are just starting out as a blogger, you may need to go for the Starter or Business Plan and migrate to a  bigger plan as your website grows.

In terms of domain name registration, Qservers charges from N500 for .name.ng to N10,000 for .gov.ng domains.

You can also register other TLDs like .com, .net, .org, .xyz and so on.

Having used the company for over 3 years now, here is my personal and honest review of Qservers.

Qservers Review Based On My Personal Experience With The Company

Based on my personal experience registering domain names and hosting them with Qservers, I’m going to be answering the major questions you may have about the company and giving an honest review of them.

Just to prove to you that this is not just another randomly generated article, I currently have about 5 domains registered and/or hosted with Qservers, so I am very knowledgeable about the company.

Now, let’s get down to business.

Is Qservers Legit?

Qservers Network Limited is duly registered as a corporate entity with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria.

This means that is duly approved to operate in Nigeria by the government, having gone through all the verification and registration processes.

Aside from this, Qservers is certified by the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA), the agency responsible for issuing licenses to domain registrars and hosting companies in Nigeria.

This NiRA certification is a proof that Qservers is legit, as NiRA exists to protect Nigerian internet users from fraudulent registrars and hosting companies.

Qservers Hosting Uptime

According to my experience, Qservers has 99% uptime. I am yet to experience any downtime on all the websites I registered or hosted with the company.

If I do, I will let you know by updating this page immediately.

Hosting Price

In terms of price, Qservers is not the cheapest domain name registration and hosting company in Nigeria. It’s among the cheapest, but not the cheapest. There are other companies far cheaper than it.

However, the quality of the services by far supersedes those of other cheaper hosting companies in Nigeria today.

Customer Service Rating

If I’m asked to rate Qservers customer service based on my experience, I will rate them 8/10. This is because the company still needs to work on providing faster replies to emails.

Now this is where I’m going to end the review for now, if you are interested in getting Qservers promo codes or contact details, check the next subheading below.

Qservers Hosting Promo Codes (100% Working)

The following are the latest promo codes for Qservers Hosting Plans:

love4hosting – This coupon code gives you a 20% discount on every hosting plan you order from Qservers. Apply the code when checking out.

Qservers Customer Care Number

Do you want to speak with Qservers customer care agents on phone? The following are the numbers to call:

  • Sales Department: 08120800799
  • Tech Department: 08187881181 and 09094786149

Qservers Email Address

You can also contact Qservers customer service reps via email. Simply compose your message and send it to any of the listed email address below:

Qservers Office Location

The company has its headquarters located in Lagos State, Nigeria. Below is the address to visit them.

Qservers Office, 5th Floor, Centage Plaza, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.

Social Media Pages And Website

You can also follow the web hosting company online on social media or via their website.

  • Instagram: @qservers
  • Twitter: @qservershosting
  • Facebook: @Qservers.Net
  • Website: www.qservers.net

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