Quick Cash Loan Code – USSD Codes To Get Quick Cash Loans Instantly

In this guide, we’ll be discussing Quick Cash Loan Code, that is, USSD codes to get quick cash loans instantly.

Are you searching online for how to get urgent loan using your mobile phone? You’re at the right place. This article features different ways and organizations you can easily get loan in minutes. Keep reading!

Quick Cash Loan Code – USSD Codes To Get Quick Cash Loans Instantly

Gone are those days where getting loans in Nigeria is very hectic and stressful, you’ll have to visit a bank branch, speak to your account manager and fill out the necessary forms. But now, you can easily request for a loan from the comfort of your home using a code

Different platforms are willing to give you loan, provided you pay back at the end of the loan tenor. However, we don’t advice you to rush into getting a loan without proper research on comparing the loan offer of various organizations

It is important to note that the maximum amount of loan you can get varies according to the organization or bank’s policy

Things To Consider Before Choosing An Organization For Your Loan

There are some certain things to consider before choosing the right organization for your loan, things to consider are listed below

  • Loan Tenor 
  • Maximum and Minimum Borrowable amount 
  • Repayment Policy
  • Interest Rates
  • Documentation
  • Number of times you can apply for the loan

USSD Codes To Get Quick Cash Loan Instantly

Without further ado, here are some USSD code you can easily use to get Quick Cash loans in Nigeria:

Organizations And Their USSD Code for Loans

  • AB Microfinance Bank: *389*755#
  • Access Bank Payday Loan: *901*11#
  • Accion Microfinance Bank: *572*6#
  • Airtel Quick Cash Loan: *561#
  • ALAT Loan By Wema Bank Loan: *945*100#
  • Aledin Nano Loan: *903#
  • Carbon Loan: *1303#
  • Ecobank Xpress Loan: *326#
  • Etisalat NG Loan: *561#
  • FairMoney Loan: *322*2#
  • FCMB Fast Cash: *329#
  • First Bank First Advance: *894*11# or *894#
  • Glo Cash Loan: *322*1*04225701*Amount#
  • GTBank Loan (QuickCredit): *737*51*51#
  • Interswitch Loan: *322#
  • Migo Loan: *561#
  • MTN Cash Loan: *606*4#
  • Trader Moni Loan: *540#
  • Paga Loan: *242#
  • Payattitude Loan: *569#
  • Paylater Loan: *1303#
  • Quickteller Loan (Airtel, MTN & 9mobile): *322#
  • Quickteller For Glo Users: *805#
  • UBA Click Credit Loan: *919#
  • Unity Bank Loan: *7799#
  • Zenith Bank Easy Loan: *966#

How To Apply For The Loans Using USSD Code

There are no special steps in applying for a loan, However, there are some certain points you need to note before you can apply for the loan:

  • Get familiar with the loan provider you’re borrowing from.
  • Get the functional USSD code of the Bank/Organization
  • Meet all the requirements
  • Dial the code on your mobile phone 
  • Follow the screen prompt
  • Then finally Get your loan.

Requirements For Getting Loans Using USSD Code

Getting a loan from banks requires you to have an active account with them. 

Most loan offer from banks are focused on salary earners. However, there are other loans for business people, students, etc.

For other instant loan providers, you do not need to have an account with them, all they require from you are;

1) Your Bank Verification Number (BVN)

2) Your Full Name

3) Your Home Address

4) The Account Details The Money Will Be Sent To


Using USSD code to get loans is not stressful at all, it saves us the stress of traditional banking. 

Interestingly, it does not require any collateral or documentation, they also don’t take any radical action in enforcing repayment after due date.

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