FBN Insurance: Everything You Need To Know

First Bank of Nigeria Limited (FBN Ltd.) is a Nigerian multinational bank with its commercial enterprise services company headquartered in Lagos Nigeria. It is the first bank in West Africa with its effect woven into the structure of society.


FBN insurance


First Bank Insurance

First Bank Nigeria Insurance is a Limited Liability Company authorized to transact life Insurance policy concerns.

FBN Insurance has the vision to be the first select insurance company in fiscal safety and wealth initiation in the nation and has a mission to guard the financial success of their clients while sustainably presenting quality to all stakeholders.

The company is an associate of the Sanlam Group, a starring wide-range, pan-African financial services unit.

On the 1st of September 2010, FBN Insurance formally began dealings. Being a life protection business concern, the company gives insurance coverage for Individualist and Bodied Customers.

They are the youngest start-up insurance company in Nigeria with proximity to important geographic locations across the nation.


FBN Insurance Products

The First Bank Insurance Products have been categorized into two major segments and those segments have various plans relative to the segment based on the terms and policies associated with them. These categories are;

  • Retail
  • Corporate


The Retail Products

FBN Insurance offers clients a variety of Life Insurance products that suit every stage of life, with specific welfare configured to match individualized needs with time. The range of Products is as follows:

(a)    EasySave Plan: An insurance policy premeditated for individuals who want to save for several short-run money goals with interest repayment on the insurance premium plus a life cover.

(b)   FlexEdu plan: assist every parent/custodian to program a bright future for their child/ward, regardless of the uncertainties of life.

(c)    FlexiSave Plan: The policy render clients with an approach for average to lengthy-term savings and a large sum of profit at the end of the designated time.

(d)   FlexiCash Plan: This plan gives the benefactor the sum insured and the accumulated incentives at the decease of the policyholder.

(e)    Family Income protection plan: This insurance will fund the agreed sum assured or a rising price adjusted profit (if selected) in the case of the decrease of the wage earner.

(f)    Family Shield Plan: Low-cost yearly renewable plan targeted at supplying fiscal assistance in the outcome of the demise or permanent impairment of the policyholder.

(g)   Guaranteed Lifetime retirement plan: An immediate day-to-day payment program that tries to assist a client hold up a desired lifestyle in retirement.

(h)   Personal Retirement Plan: This termination savings plan ensures that you are in control of your life even during your golden years.

(i)     Smart Protection plan: A pure security plan that also commits to paying back all the insurance premiums that you have paid during the policy period. meaning that when the policy gets terminated, you will get your funds back.


The Corporate Products

FBN Insurance also offers a variety of Corporate Insurance plans that fits every phase of your business, with specific profits customized to match your business necessities as you develop. Products are as follows;

(a)    Credit Life Assurance Plan: This policy is configured to pay the credit in the circumstance that the borrower demises or loses his job.

(b)   Group Welfare plan: The plan supports regular savings and pays out warranted funds to a named recipient in case of the passing of the life secured.

(c)    Group life Assurance Plan: Offers members of a specific group or union a life security plan that takes care of them in case of any declared happening.

(d)   Keyman Assurance Plan: Provides cover against financial loss a company may experience on the death of a primal employee or senior executive that is critical to the continuance of the company and whose death or inability would create a significant loss to the company.

(e)    Mortgage Protection Plan: Guarantees the payment of the owed balance in respect of the loan given by a financial institution.

(f)    Smart Health International Plan: A specific healthcare solution that permits those living in Nigeria to access international medical treatment which presents optimal care while keeping value for money.

(g)   Term Assurance Plan: Provides a sum secured to the named recipient(s) upon the death of the policyholder inside a specific period of time.

(h)   Tuition Protection Plan: Specifically fashioned to warrant the completion of a child’s education in the circumstance of the decease of a parent or guardian.

(i)     Welfare Protection Assurance Plan: A yearly renewable policy that gives a lump sum profit to beneficiaries of a dead associate of an organization.


FBN Insurance App

Through FBN Insurance Customer Mobile App, customers can view insurance policies portfolio, report claims, make premium payments and download evidence of premium account position.

The application is compatible with Android and ios devices and available on the Play store and App store respectively.


First Bank Nigeria Insurance Salary

The FBN insurance Salary ranges from N100,000 to N120,000 monthly as a graduate which is 29% less than the normal FBN Holdings salary structure.


How To Check Your FBN Insurance Balance

To request your Account balance, your number must be activated on the First Bank USSD quick Banking Service.

You can use the service to acquire your Insurance account balance by dialing *894*00# (Follow the prompts.)


FBN Insurance Customer Care Number

The institution’s customer service is available every week and can be contacted via these numbers:

+234 1 9054810, +234 1 9054380, +234 1 9054364-5, +234 1 9054444.



First Bank is a reliable organization that has been titled “Best Bank Brand in Nigeria” for six years continually (2011 to 2016) by the Banker press of the Financial Times Group.

It was worthy to receive “Most Innovative Bank in Africa” in the EMEA Finance African Banking Awards in the year 2014 and has achieved the “Best Bank in Nigeria” award by Global Finance Magazine fifteen times and the “Best Private Bank in Nigeria” by World Finance Magazine 7 times.


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