How to write scholarship Recommendation letter 2023

Before we get into the specifics of how to write a good scholarship recommendation letter, it’s crucial to understand what makes a recommendation letter good in the first place.

So, what makes a decent scholarship recommendation letter? Well, I’d say that it’s all about writing in the style that the letter’s recipient prefers.

Consider a scholarship organizer who wants to give scholarships to students who can make a difference in their community.

If you’re writing a recommendation letter for a scholarship, it’s unlikely that you’ll focus primarily on the student’s financial situation or how his father constantly beats him up.

It would be more logical to talk about how the student appears to be capable of making significant discoveries and how the student has a spirit of guiding others.

What is a scholarship recommendation letter? 

Letters of recommendation or scholarship references are documents in which a third party introduces himself, tells how he knows you and explains why he recommends you for the study or scholarship program in academic processes and scholarships. 

This gives the university or scholarship provider a second opinion on what you’re presenting, confirming your character and performance.

To summarize, the first step in writing a winning scholarship recommendation letter is to comprehend what the scholarship is all about, followed by writing in the style that the organizers want.

Who should write a scholarship recommendation letter? 

Unlike popular belief, letters of recommendation do not have to be written by “important persons” like the dean of the faculty or the general manager of the company where you worked. 

Institutions prefer letters from persons who have had firsthand contact with you and have firsthand knowledge of your personality and performance. As a result, when selecting a reference, professors, thesis supervisors, managers, or, in rare situations, coworkers are the finest options.

In 2022, the structure of an excellent scholarship recommendation letter 

The next step is to compose the letter now that you know how to create a solid scholarship reference letter in the first place.

But, before you get started writing, keep in mind that there are some general principles for producing scholarship recommendation letters.

The principles of producing excellent scholarship recommendation letters

The following are the rules of thumb:

Keep your writing to 300–500 words

While there is no law requiring scholarship recommendation letters to be between 300 and 500 words, it’s good to stick to this rule.

Following this advice, a scholarship recommendation letter should be long enough to persuade a scholarship organizer. It would also be brief enough to avoid boredom and irritation in the reader.

In summary, while drafting a letter that is shorter or longer than the range supplied is permissible, make sure you have a valid justification for doing so. 

Use four paragraphs

It is also recommended that when writing a good scholarship recommendation letter, you use four paragraphs.

It’s okay if you don’t follow this rule, but recommendation letters with four paragraphs are more effective than those with fewer or more paragraphs.

Format of a Scholarship Recommendation Letter

When it comes to recommendation letters, keep in mind that there is no such thing as a letter format.

There are no hard and fast rules on whether or not you must include the date at the top or bottom of the page.

The only thing that matters is the information it contains and how it is delivered. 

What should be in my scholarship reference letter

Here’s a rundown of what goes into a scholarship reference letter, so you don’t forget anything while writing one for your students: 

  • Your introduction should include your relationship with the student under consideration and the length of time you’ve known them. 
  • Your observations and ideas about the student’s attributes.

How to Get a good Scholarship Reference letter

Inquire about them as soon as possible

The persons who will write your letter of recommendation are likely to have several obligations.

They will require at least one month to complete your letter of inspiration.

Keep that time in mind and the application deadline so that you can send all of your paperwork on time. 

Send these persons your CV and motivation letter: Ideally, the persons who will write your letter of reference are familiar with your work and your desire to participate in the program you have applied to.

As a result, it is strongly advised that you meet with them to discuss your experiences and plans and provide documents. Curriculum vitae and a motivation letter are examples of such materials.


I’ve just described how to create a decent scholarship reference letter. Please don’t get too worked up over it; it’s not complicated. However, before sending the letter, double-check that it is error-free.

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